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Welcome to join our class !. . JEFC SB 2B UNIT 23 A famous person. Lesson 90. BILL GATES. Revision: Ask and answer. Whats the name of the book Jim and his father are talking about? Business @ The Speed of Thought What does Mr Green think of the book? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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  • JEFC SB 2B UNIT 23 A famous person BILL GATESLesson 90

  • Revision: Ask and answerWhats the name of the book Jim and his father are talking about?Business @ The Speed of ThoughtWhat does Mr Green think of the book?Its an interesting book.What is the book about?It tells us how computer technology can solve business problems in new ways.Is the book popular?Yes , its very popular.

  • Pre-read What do you know about Bill Gates?American Seattle clever computer much money Microsoft

  • NEW WORDS & EXPRESSIONS1.be born2.grow up3.favourite subjects4.in the future5.play with6.be interested in7.work out 8.software program 9.Harvard University10.BASIC lauguage

  • golfold computerSeattlesoftware

  • scientistBASIC languageMicrosoftbridge

  • PracticeName: Bill GatesDate of birth:_____________________Favourite subject at school:____________________Hobbies:_____________________________________What Gates did at 17:__________________________In 1973:______________________________________In 1975:______________________________________In 1994:______________________________________In 1999:______________________________________Additional information:_________________________October 28,1955Science and mathsPlay with computersWorked out a software programHe went to Harvard UniversityHe began a company called Microsoft.Bill married Melinda French .Business @ the Speed of Thought.Two children.

  • In 1999 OnJan.1st,1999 marriedtwo childrenenjoys reading, playing Retell the passage by using the following key words was born ongrew up in Seattle Washington a clever boyfavourite subjectsin the future 13years oldstarted to play withat that timelarge machinesspendunusualin the endwork out a software program In1973Harvard universitydevelopBASICbegan the companythought...important tool

  • An action Imagine() youre Bill Gates, try your best to answer the questions from the other students.

  • DiscussionWhat can you learn from Bill Gates?Love his work and work hard.Do you want to be person like Bill Gates? Why or why not?Yes (No). Because

  • Language points1.learn from sb.2.grow upWhen I grow up, Ill be a teacher.3.spendon ..)We should learn from Lucy because she works hard and always helps others.She spent ten yuan on the telephone card.spend doing sth. ..()They spent one day doing the work.

  • 4.in the futureWell have better life in the future.5. start to do sth.He started to drive only at 15.6.work outThe boy worked out the maths problem himself.7. In the end =at last

  • Homework: 1.Wb Leeson90.Ex3 in the exercise book.Good Bye!2.Write a passage about one of your favourite famous persons.