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  1. 1. CorporateWellness, and Motivational Speaking are offered by Fit 4 Life, as a result of an established 15 years of experience in the Charlotte and Florida markets. Fit 4 Life's top priority is to provide organizations with wellness programs and services that best fit the needs of their population. Services are customized specifically to the contracted organization to provide the best wellness return on investment. Improved health for employees improves moral, and maintains the bottom line.
  2. 2. This digital workshop option conducted by Tiffany, can be customized in the same way as the onsite site workshop. The organization can select a health related topic and a customized webinar will be created. The delivery method of can be live or recorded and is decided by the organization. Webinar's are typically 30-60 minutes long. Employee Assistance Programs are also available upon request.
  3. 3. 11+ years Experience Fit 4 Life original workouts, that are fun, rhythmic and challenging. Classes are interval style, focusing on heart rate response, to elicit fat loss. Fit 4 Life has been offering fitness services for 15 years! Justin Bush andTiffany Brown-Bush lead the classes. Fitness website: www.tiffansyfit4life.com Nutrition and IntegrativeTherapy: www.f4lwithtiffany.com FaceBook:www.facebook.com/Fit4LifeTiffanyBrown Facebook-2:www.facebook.com/fit4lifetbrown
  4. 4. Phone: 704-491-2216 OR 1-888-293-2002 (out of state) Fax: 704-599-9979 E-Mail: tiffany@tiffanysfit4life.com For More InformationVisit : http://tiffanysfit4life.com/