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Welcome to class 10C. SCHOOL. BUS. ZIP. ZOO. Unit 12: Music E/ language focus. I.Pronunciation /s/ - /z/. /S/ S ue S aid S ip Pie ce Bu s Pri ce. /Z/ Z oo Plea se Z ip Bu zz Pea s pri ze. Practice the sentences. Susan loves classical music. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome to class 10C


  • Unit 12: MusicE/ language focus

  • I.Pronunciation /s/ - /z//S/SueSaidSipPieceBusPrice/Z/ZooPleaseZipBuzzPeasprize

  • Practice the sentencesSusan loves classical music.I like to listen to jazz records.My aunt likes to watch the film The sound of Music.But my cousin prefers going to concerts.Hes won the first prize for singing folk songs.Id like a piece of bread and some peas, please.

  • II. Grammar:1.To infinitiveEx: work to worktellbuywinsingsetto tellto buyto winto singto set

  • To infinitiveExpress purpose Answer the question What for?Ex:What do you learn English for?I learn English to sing English songs.To sing English songs, I learn English .

  • Match one verb in column A with the suitable phrase in column B A B

    1.to tell2.to buy3.to win4.to sing5.to seta.a cassette playerb.french songsc. the good newsd.the singing conteste.a good example for the class

  • Exercise 1:Choose the correct answer for the questions1.What did you phone her for?a. I phone her to tell her the good newsb. I phoned her to tell her the good news.2.What are you saving money for?a. I am saving money to buy a cassette player.b. I was saving money to buy a cassette player.3.What does she practise singing all day for?a. She practice singing all day to win the singing contest.b. She practices singing all day to win the singing contest

  • 4.What are you learning French for?a. I am learning French to sing French songs.b. I was learning French to sing French songs5.What does the monitor always go to class on time for?The monitor always goes to class on time to set a good example for the classb. The monitor always go to class on time to set a good example for the class

  • Exercise 2: fill the blanks with the words in the box.1. My father didnt have time ________ the newspaper.2. I wish I had enough money ________ a new bicycle3. I went to the post office _______ a letter.

    4. He telephoned ________ me to the party.

    5. Shes going to Britain ________ English.to learnto sendto inviteto buyto read

  • Tien quan cawhowhenwhywherewhat

  • Who wrote Tien quan ca?

    Van Cao wrote it

  • When did he write Tien quan ca? He wrote it in 1944

  • Why do you like it ?

    Because It makes me proud of our country

  • Where was Van Cao born ?

    He was born in Nam Dinh

  • What songs made him famous ?

    They are: Tien quan ca , Lang toi,

  • 2.Wh-questionsEx:1. Van Cao wrote Tien Quan Ca.Who wrote Tien Quan Ca? 2. Van Cao wrote Tien Quan Ca.What did Van Cao write?

    Who What Why Where When How

  • (aux = do/ does/did..)Wh. + auxiliary (tr ng t) + S + (V) +.?

    be + S + ?WhoWhat (+Noun) * Form :+ V +.....?a. For subjectb. For objectVan Cao wrote Tien quan caWho wrote Tien quan ca

  • Ex3 . Ask questions for the underlined words /phrases in the following sentences 1. If it rains,Ill stay at home and watch TV. 2. My father enjoys listening to classical music. 3. He left for Ho Chi Minh City last week. 4. James wants to talk to you. 5.We spent the evening playing chess last night. 6.The film starts at 8:00 p.m 7.My favourite musician is Beethoven. 8.I like pop music because it helps me relax.

  • 1. What will you do if it rains?2. What kind of music does your father enjoy listening to?3. When did he leave for Ho Chi Minh City?4. Who wants to talk to you ?5. How did you spend the evening last night?6. When does the film start?7. Who is your favorite musician?8. Why do you like pop music?Answer :

  • Further exercise: Game: Gambling Choose the correct answer in A,B,C or D to complete thesentences1Ais Hoang Quoc Viet school ? B: It is big and friendlyA.What B.How C.Where D.Which2.A:.was Hoang Quoc Viet school built ? B: In 1999A.Who B. where C. How D. When3.He wrote a letter to his parents..them for some money.A. to miss B. to remember C. to ask D. to listen4A:.is your head teacher? B: Mrs. HuyenA.Who B.When C. Where D. How5. Tom turned on the radio.the football resultsA. to listen B. to hear C. to watch D. to see