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Welcome to Chemistry/Biology/ Environmental Science. Teacher is available from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Unless the instructor announces Times differently. Appointment needed. GRADING. Grading according to the Walnut Valley School District. How the Semester is Graded?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Welcome to Chemistry/Biology/ Environmental Science</p> <p>Welcome to Chemistry/Biology/ Environmental ScienceTeacher is available from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.Unless the instructor announces Times differently.Appointment needed GRADINGGrading according to the Walnut Valley School DistrictHow the Semester is Graded?a. Labs, homework, projects, Openers are 40% of the gradeStamp sheet will record the points. Some assignments will be collected unannounced for grading, so the point values will differ on those assignments. The stamp sheet will be collected and recorded. Late stamp sheets are 50% off the total points. Tests and QuizzesAll tests and Quizzes are 60% of the grade. Absent? Take the exam on the day of return)Late Work is not accepted!TARDIES to Class: Homework will be incomplete for the period. Zeros on Quizzes.100 points will be substracted from the test, if it is a Test DayNo Stamp Sheet on homework Check day? No Credit for work! Test Continued:ALL Tests are either or a combinations of short answer (Marine/Chem./Environmental) / multiple choice (Chem./Environmental) / True or False and modified true and False, matching, short answer and essay. (Chem. /Environmental). The information comes from the text and/or notes. No word banks are given.</p> <p> Absent ?All Absent work is due the next day!Get homework from a friend or the Instructor.</p> <p>BOOKS AND MATERIALSBOOKS ARE TO BE BOUGHT TO CLASS EVERYDAY! (If there is not a class set available) Referrals will be issued for failure to do so.</p> <p>Materials recommended for class: scientific calculator, highlighter, pencils, pens, loose leaf paper not spiral, ruler, and graph paper.</p> <p> Extra CreditEXTRA CREDIT IS ONLY GIVEN TO THE ENTIRE GROUP, NOT INDIVIDUALLY BY DECISION OF THE INSTRUCTOR.</p> <p> Classroom RulesBe on time for classDo not leave your seat without permission.No food or drink in class.Be respectful to others Follow directions when first given.All books and bags are stored under desks.Be on tasks at all timesBathroom passes are only to the nurse /GLCs. Excessive uses of restroom Parents notified. You will do well in school, if all your homework is completed and get at least 70% or better on the test.You Success Is Your Responsibility! STUDY!</p>


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