welcome to back to school night! september 17, 2013 mrs. ortega 1 st grade room 208

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Welcome to Back to School Night

Welcome to Back to School Night!September 17, 2013Mrs. Ortega1st GradeRoom 208

What is Back to School Night?Back to school night will introduce you to: your student's classroomteacher's expectations for you and your studentallows you to see where your child will be spending their time throughout the school year. It is not; however, a time for a parent conference.

First Grade Schedule: (8:35-10:05) READINGBasal Program: Lead 21www.wglead21.comWhole Group Interactive Reading Phonemic AwarenessFluencyThemeOral LanguageVocabularyPreviewing/Predicting/Setting PurposesReading TogetherPhonicsHigh Frequency WordsSmall Reading GroupsDifferentiated ReadersDifferentiated VocabularyDifferentiated CentersPhonics, vocabulary/comprehension, sight word/fluency, grammar

First Grade Schedule: (8:35-10:05) READINGDaily 5

First Grade Schedule: (10:05-10:40) WRITINGTechnology Integration (according to the CCSS)Captain WriteTeaches the structure of WritingEncourages thoughtful Writing

First Grade Schedule: (10:40-10:50) RECESS/SNACKSo far snack breaks have been a success! Examples of snacks: (No candy please)

First Grade Schedule: (10:55-11:25) InterventionStudents will work 30 minutes in small group at their instructional level.Reading: Monday, Wednesday and FridayMath: Tuesday and ThursdayEach day students go to a different special. Mondays & Fridays - PE (Mr. ONeil)TuesdaysTechnology (Ms. Tiller)Wednesday- Science (Ms. Koebcke)Thursdays- Spanish (Ms. Rodriguez)

First Grade Schedule: (11:30-12:20) SPECIALS

First Grade Schedule: (12:30-1:10) LUNCHStudents are now having lunch in the cafeteria. They are allotted 20 minutes to eat and 20 minutes outside at recess.

First Grade Schedule: (11:15 12:45pm) MATHNumber Talks10-15 minutes devoted to students sharing their thinking on how they solved various problems.Basal Program: Investigations Hands-on program that allows students to explore various mathematical concepts through investigations.Math JournalsUsed to record important information

First Grade Schedule: (2:30-3:00) ARAll students have been tested (STAR) and have been matched accordingly to a shark level. Currently, students in our classroom range from the Cookie Cutter Level to the Mako Level. During AR, students read a book of their choice on their instructional level. Once a student feels he/she knows everything about the book, the student may decide to take a test. This test is a 5 or 10 question quiz asking students to comprehend the book. Students are not allowed to look back in the story for any reason during the test. Each shark level has different requirements for graduating. Students must complete these requirements before moving onto more complex texts.

EXPECTATIONSFor students & parents:Open CommunicationI am always available please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have a question/comment/concernEmail: aortega@somersetemerson.orgMaintain a safe and positive environmentGive your 100%, 100% of the time

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