welcome to 6 th grade social studies!!

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Welcome to 6 th grade social studies!!. Ms. J Wright. This year’s Journey. We will begin our journey in Western Europe Then travel to Canada Next, we’ll head south to Latin America And we will finish our adventure in Australia !. Travel guidelines…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to 6th grade social studies!!

Welcome to 6th grade social studies!!Ms. J WrightThis years JourneyWe will begin our journey in Western EuropeThen travel to CanadaNext, well head south to Latin AmericaAnd we will finish our adventure in Australia!Travel guidelinesThere are only THREE classroom rules:Respect yourselfRespect othersRespect property

Respect yourself??Come to class ready to learn!Be on timeBring all materials- CRCT book, highlighter, assignments, pencil, pen, paperWrite assignments in agenda right when you get to classMost importantly, bring your brain!!Leave class knowing more than when you arrived!Respect others??Treat others as you would want to be treatedListen to other people when they are talkingRemember..everyone has feelings!Respect PROPERTY??Keep it clean!Recycling vs. TrashcanPick up trash around your deskDesks are not paperClassroom suppliesuse, dont abuse.What to do whenYou first get to class:Copy homework in agendaTurn in homework to trayYoure absent:When you are home, CHECK THE BLOG!!!! When you return back, check the make up binder to collect any missing assignmentsYou have to go to the bathroom:Fill out your agenda (in the hall pass section) FIRST, then bring it to me to sign.You forgot your homework:Fill out a no homework slip and turn assignment in tomorrow for partial creditIf you dont fill out a no homework slip, turn it in tomorrow for half creditWhat do you need to know that I havent mentioned yet??? Please ask!!!Barcelona, Spain

Rome, italy

Venice, italy

Dubrovnik, croatia


Dubai, UAE


Mrs. Chaskos adventures!!

Mrs. Chaskos family

I hope you enjoy 6th grade at htms as much as I did Information cardLast name, First nameClass ColorParents namesParents email addressesParents cell phone numbersYour home phone number

ON BACK: anything I need to know about you as your teacher this year!