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Welcome EHS Media Center Task Definition: Top 5 Freshman Fiction Favorites Fiction Genres and Location Graphic Novels and Location Location of New Books, Magazines, Playaways, and Nooks Student Equipment Check out Check out Policies How to Recommend Books Use Search Stations to Find Books Check out a Book Slide 2 Top Five Freshman Fiction Favorites 1.Hunger Games Series Suzanne Collins 2.The Help Kathryn Stockett 3.Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series Rick Riordan 4.Twilight Series Stephanie Meyer 5.Vampire Academy Series Richelle Mead/ Cirque Du Freak Series Darren Shan Slide 3 Fiction Genres: Adventure Thrillers Fast-paced action Suspense Examples: The Devil and His Boy by Anthony Horowitz Fic (Adv) Pat Slide 4 Fiction Genres: Contemporary Realistic events Modern setting Examples: Crank by Ellen Hopkins, Airhead by Meg Cabot Fic (Con) Rap Slide 5 Fiction Genre: Fantasy Magic Supernatural creatures Good vs. evil Examples: Dragon Avenger by E.E. Knight, Harry Potter series Fic (Fan) Cas Slide 6 Fiction Genres: Historical Fiction Fictional accounts of historic figures, events Examples: Atonement by Ian McEwan, Copper Sun by Sharon Draper Fic (His) Low Slide 7 Fiction Genres: Mystery Figure out unsolved puzzle/crime/ event Examples: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Pretty Little Liars series Fic (Mys) Bro Slide 8 Fiction Genre: Multicultural Characters from diverse cultures African- American, Latino, Native American, etc. Examples: The First Part Last by Angela Johnson Fic (Mul) Mye Slide 9 Fiction Genres: Horror Scary Paranormal Evil Examples: Cirque du Freak series, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd by Heather Brewer Fic (Hor) Cla Slide 10 Fiction Genres: Religion Religious faith central to plot and theme Examples: Left Behind series, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving Fic (Rel) You Slide 11 Fiction Genres: Romance Love stories Relationships/ Dating/Crushes Happy endings Examples: The Secrets of Boys by Hailey Abbot, Nicholas Sparks books Fic (Rom) Ada Slide 12 Fiction Genres: Science Fiction Science/technology Other worlds/planets/ dimensions Examples: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Uglies by Scott Westerfield Fic (Sci) Shu Slide 13 Fiction Genres: Sports Athletic events/charac- ters Examples: Crackback by John Coy, Soccer Scoop by Matt Christopher Fic (Spo) Mye Slide 14 Graphic Novels Book-length comics Examples: Chibi Vampire series, Bleach series, Bone series 741.5 Chm Slide 15 New Books, Playaways, and Magazines New Books (Fiction and Non Fiction) Magazines (New and Archive) Playaways (Fiction and Non Fiction) ABP Fic Gru Slide 16 Nook E-Readers 13 Color Wi-Fi (school only) All Genres (Fic/Non-FIc) Two week check-out Parent permission Forms at desk Slide 17 Student Equipment 3 Mini Laptops 5 Flip Camcorders 2 Digital Cameras 3 Day Limit $1 Late Fee Per Day Teacher & Parent Permission Required Slide 18 Check Out Policies 3 Item Limit Circulation Loan Period 14 Days New Magazines/Some Reference - Overnight Late Fees 5 Cents Day/Book No Check Out for Over Dues and Fines over $1 Renew (Avoid Late Fees) Can Renew without Book in Hand Slide 19 Media Center Intranet Page Collection Development Recommendation LinkCollection Development Recommendation Link Search Station Access from anywhere