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Mrs. Raines

Mrs. RainesAlgebra IWelcome Class of 2019!Do-Now

About Mrs. Raines ...

Married for 21 years3 children

Lived overseas for 10 years

FranceMoroccoDog named Poochy

Algebra I FAQWhat supplies do I need for this class?Folder/BinderNotebook paperPencilsRed pens for checkingAAA batteries

Calculators provided for classroom use.

Wish listPencilsPencil top erasersTissuesHand sanitizerExpo markers

What do you expect of me?Listen and follow instructions

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Respect your classmates and your teacher

During instruction, listen quietly. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat

What if a student doesnt follow the rules?Post-it Warning

2nd Post-it Warning

Seat Change

Parent contact

Office referral

Can I use my cell phone in class?RED zone: Cell phone and head phones are put away.

GREEN zone: Cell phone may be used as instructed by teacher.

What happens if I use my cell phone in red zone? One verbal warning

Cell phone in bag

Parent contact

Office referralIf I get to class early, can I come in right away?Even if the door is open please wait outside until I come to the door.I need just a few minutes to organize myself for the next class before greeting you.

If I am just one second late, will you count me tardy?I will close the door when the tardy bell rings, if you are outside the classroom you are tardy.

What will a typical day in Algebra I be like?Entrance:Two-minute prep-time songWhen song ends, you should be in your seat ready to work.Please put all bags under desks or on hooksComplete Do-Now quietly.

What will a typical day in Algebra I be like?Instruction:Brief notes followed by guided practice

No restroom breaks during instruction.

Stay in seat during instruction.

What will a typical day in Algebra I be like?Independent Practice:Groups of 2-3 or work alone

Listen to music. No sharing headphones.

Work problems on whiteboards or in packet.

What will a typical day in Algebra I be like?Exit:Exit song

Pack up, straighten up, push in chair, stand near your desk

The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher dismisses you.

Do you let students go to the bathroom?3 hall passes every 9 weeks

Cannot leave class during first or last 10 minutes

Do you give lots of homework?Plan to have homework every night.

Practice is essential to learning math.

Homework is due the class period after it is assigned.

Are grades the same as in middle school?Formative Assessments: Homework, Daily Grades, Exit tickets and Quizzes30% of overall grade

Summative Assessments: Tests70% of overall grade

What if I fail a test?AHS Retest PolicyAll work for the unit completed before the re-testAttend tutoring once before retestingRetest within 1 week of original test return date*Only 1 retest allowed per 9 weeks (grades are averaged)

What is your late work policy?AHS Late Work Policy1 day late Max of 802 days late Max of 603 days late Max of 404 days late Max of 205 days late - 0 *My late work policy is more lenient.1 day late Max of 802+ days late - Max of 70 until unit testNo late work is accepted after unit test.

What if I am absent?You will receive a packet at the beginning of each unit with all assignments and due dates.It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get class notes.One extra day to complete assignments for every day absent.What are your tutoring times?Tuesday AM 6:45 7:15Thursday PM 3:00-3:30

Gold House Learning Lab: Monday and Tuesday from 3-4 pm.

You may attend tutoring with any Algebra I teacher.

Parent assignment1,000,000 Words or less letter

Homework for tonightBell Schedulehttp://humbleisd.net/cms/lib2/TX01001414/Centricity/Domain/7643/1-week15-16.pdf

Lunch Schedule

Lunch Schedule

In our classroom we dont do easy. We make easy happen through hard work and learning.