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  • 1. Weird festivalsaround the worldMaryam al shabibi

2. La TomatinaIt happens every year in the small Spanish town ofBunyol and over the course of about 1 hour thetown gets so covered in tomatos.Boryeong Mud FestivalTaking place every summer in the town ofBoryeong, South Korea this internationalmud fight attracts millions of visitors fromall over the world. 3. HoliHoli is an important festival toHindus. It is celebrated at the endof the winter season on the lastfull moon The festival has manypurposes; most prominently, itcelebrates the beginning ofSpring. In 17th century literature,it was identified as a festival thatcelebrated agriculture,commemorated good springharvests and the fertile land. 4. Argungu Fishing FestivalEvery year in the townof Argungu, Nigeria allthe local men competeto see who can pullthe largest fish out ofthe river using nothingbut their bare hands.The Running of theBuPlrlosbably one of themore popular events onthis list, the PamplonaBull Run in Spain .Theonly requirements toparticipate are that youhave to be at least 18