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  1. 1. When English isWeird
  2. 2. Expect Exceptions!
  3. 3. Somelettersaresilent Some letters are silent and don't like to sing They are there but are quiet, and don't say a thing
  4. 4. Oneletter can havedifferent sounds
  5. 5. Someletterscombineto makenew sounds Strategy: Check for H Brothers& Giveng afling CH: hip/chip SH: hop/shop TH: hat/that WH: hen/when NG: sun/sung
  6. 6. PH & GH can say F A photograph of a phone A cough can be rough gh might be silent, like in light
  7. 7. Somelettersdoubleat theend
  8. 8. Strategy: Keep Cautiouswith K & C When you hear thehard k sound, which will it be? K takesI & E....C takestheother three Kit Keg Cat Cot Cut
  9. 9. Strategy: GiveCarewith G & C Soft or Hard?
  10. 10. -CK or -K spelling thek sound at theend of aword
  11. 11. Vowelscan beshort, & they can belong How can you know how to not get them wrong? Short vowels say the sound, long vowels the name To know which is which can be quite a pain
  12. 12. Strategy: Notean E at theend Silent e at the end makes the vowel say it's name. It turns pin into pine Apart or together, it works just the same. pie or pine, both ways are fine.
  13. 13. Defender D
  14. 14. Morewaysavowel can belong Open Syllables
  15. 15. Strategy: Observean R Bossy R likes to tell the vowels what to do It can change a cat into a cart. (that is true). 5 Bossy R spellings, 3 Bossy R sounds... you will see Bossy Rs everywhere around.
  16. 16. SometimesSilent ewins
  17. 17. SometimesBossy R does
  18. 18. ar can sound likeer
  19. 19. or can sound likeer
  20. 20. With an ebeforear, anything goes
  21. 21. Open & Closed Syllables Strategy: Noticeaclosed or open door A vowel that is followed by a consonant is closed in. A closed syllable is often short like in pin. A vowel is open with no consonant behind Open syllables are often long, you will find.
  22. 22. Strategy: Look for vowel teams Vowel Teams can be long & say the first sound
  23. 23. Except for Diphthongs Which often make new sounds But sometimes not... AU & AW sound like the short O in dog Now don't forget that OW can also say long O like in grow
  24. 24. Other vowel teamsthat don't follow when 2 vowelsgo walking, the1st onedoesthetalking
  25. 25. SameLetters, Two Sounds ie says long I as in pie, unless you want to have a piece. At times it can briefly steal a long E like a thief.
  26. 26. SameLetters, Two Sounds ea says long E when you eat peas, but not bread. Did your ear hear the short E that bread said?
  27. 27. SameLetters, Two Sounds Find ow in a brown cow, unless there is snow. Then it says Long O, don't you know?
  28. 28. SameLetters, Two Sounds oo might say boot, unless you put in your foot. To make good food, you need a cook book.
  29. 29. Strategy: Discovery of aY at theend Y at the end will often say I in a one syllable word like fly When more syllables you see, it likely says E
  30. 30. Strategy: Beawareof schwa Every vowel can make a schwa sound So there are lots of schwa's to be found A schwa is a quick & weak uh You can find two in this word: above.
  31. 31. Synonyms& Antonyms Homophones& Homonyms Homonyms: words with multiple meanings
  32. 32. Homographs & Homophones Homographs look just the same but mean something else! Watch out for homographs when you say give me a ring! (what do you mean?)
  33. 33. Yes, English isWeird Now you know that this is true... The rules are more like guidelines that give you a clue!
  34. 34. Credits Short/Long Chart: First Grade Wow Bossy R: Defender D & FLOSS Rule: Schwa: Synonym/Antonyms: Homograph/Homophones: