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<ul><li><p>pinnaclefinancial.in@gmail.com </p><p>+919039035252 </p><p> NIFTY GAINERS </p><p> NIFTY LOSERS </p><p>COMPANY </p><p>NAME CMP </p><p>PRE. </p><p>CLOSE </p><p>% </p><p>CHANGE </p><p>BHEL 240.65 232.15 3.66 </p><p>AXISBANK 570.00 551.95 3.27 </p><p>LUPIN 1777.95 1744.10 1.94 </p><p>RELIANCE 865.00 850.00 1.76 </p><p>ASIANPAINTS 765.05 754.40 1.41 </p><p>COMPANY </p><p>NAME CMP </p><p>PRE. </p><p>CLOSE </p><p>% </p><p>CHANGE </p><p>IDEA 175.50 181.55 -3.33 </p><p>ACC 1439.95 1484.45 -3.00 </p><p>ZEEL 313.00 320.75 -2.42 </p><p>AMBUJACEM 232.70 238.30 2.35 </p><p>TATAMOTORS 509.50 520.90 2.19 </p><p>INDEX CLOSE %CHANGE PRE.CLOSE </p><p>BANK NIFTY 18338.10 0.19 18302.65 </p><p>CNX AUTO 8188.20 -1.09 8278.50 </p><p>CNX ENERGY 8331.75 0.35 8302.30 </p><p>CNX FINANCE 7386.70 -0.35 7412.55 </p><p>CNX FMCG 19510.70 -1.11 19729.95 </p><p>CNX INFRA 3154.65 -0.73 3177.80 </p><p>CNX IT 11001.05 -0.84 11094.40 </p><p>CNX METAL 2402.40 -1.67 2443.25 </p><p>CNX PHARMA 12057.80 0.12 12042.90 </p><p>CNX REALTY 204.80 1.59 201.60 </p><p>Shares of public sector oil marketing </p><p>companies (PSU OMCs) will on Monday, 4 </p><p>May 2015, react to changes in petrol and </p><p>diesel prices, if any, announced by PSU </p><p>OMCs on Thursday, 30 April 2015 India's </p><p>stock market is closed on Friday, 1 May </p><p>2015, for a holiday, shares of automobile </p><p>companies will on Monday, 4 May </p><p>2015,react to monthly sales volume data </p><p>for April 2015. Auto companies will start </p><p>announcing sales volume data for April </p><p>2015 from 1 May 2015 The Bombay high </p><p>court will on Wednesday, 6 May 2015, </p><p>reportedly hear a writ petition filed by </p><p>five foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) </p><p>against the income-tax department. </p><p>Theses FPIs have filed petition in the </p><p>Bombay high court against the notices </p><p>issued by the tax department to FPIs </p><p>regarding the payment of minimum </p><p>alternate tax (MAT).On the global front, </p><p>the major event next week is UK </p><p>Parliamentary Election on Thursday, 7 </p><p>May 2015. </p><p>SECTORIAL INDICES </p><p>PINNACLE FINANCIAL SERVICES </p><p>WEEKLY EQUITY REPORT 01/05/2015 </p></li><li><p>pinnaclefinancial.in@gmail.com </p><p>+919039035252 </p><p>POINT OF VIEW </p><p>TREND: BEARISH </p><p>RESISTANCE: 8310,8645 </p><p>SUPPORT : 8100,7800 </p><p>APPROACH: SELL ON HIGH </p><p>SCRIPT R4 R3 R2 R1 P S1 S2 S3 S4 </p><p>NIFTY 8855 8644 8433 8308 8222 8097 8011 7800 7859 </p><p>WEEKLY VIEW ON NIFTY </p></li><li><p>pinnaclefinancial.in@gmail.com </p><p>+919039035252 </p><p>BUY GODREJIND FUTURE ABOVE 362 TARGETS 365 , 368 SL 359 </p><p>BUY UPL FUTURE ABOVE 496 TARGETS 499 , 502 SL 493 </p><p>SELL EXIDEIND FUTURE BELOW 169 TARGETS 167 , 165 SL 171 </p><p>WEEKLY STOCK RECOMMENDATION </p><p>STOCK OF THE WEEK: HDIL </p><p>FORMATION OF CHANNEL LINE IN HDIL FUTURE IT SHOWS THAT IF THE BREAKOUT COMES </p><p>ABOVE 119 THEN IT WILL FURTHER GO UP TO 126-127. ONE CAN TAKE LONG POSITION </p></li><li><p>pinnaclefinancial.in@gmail.com </p><p>+919039035252 </p><p>FII ACTIVITY </p><p>DATE BUY VALUE (RS IN </p><p>CR.) </p><p>SALE VALUE (RS IN </p><p>CR.) </p><p>NET VALUE (RS IN </p><p>CR.) </p><p> 27-April-2015 6284.13 7006.45 -722.32 </p><p>28-April-2015 5056.48 6657.22 -1600.54 </p><p>29-April-2015 4622.42 6141.77 -1519.35 </p><p>30-April-2015 7711.13 10868.74 -3157.61 </p><p>DII ACTIVITY </p><p>DATE BUY VALUE (RS IN CR.) SALE VALUE (RS IN </p><p>CR.) NET VALUE (RS IN CR.) </p><p> 27-April-2015 3286.50 1618.96 1667.54 </p><p>28-April-2015 3322.52 1785.44 1537.08 </p><p>29-April-2015 1989.99 1077.53 912.46 </p><p>30-April-2015 4676.55 2215.75 2460.80 </p><p>COUNTRY INDICES CLOSING PRICE % CHANGE </p><p>US DOW JONES (MINI) 18110.14 -0.41 </p><p>US NASDAQ (FUTURES) 5055.42 -0.63 </p><p>US S&amp;P 500 2114.76 -0.37 </p><p>CHINA SHANGHAI 4476.21 0.01 </p><p>HONGKONG HANG SENG 28400.34 -0.94 </p><p>JAPAN NIKKEI 225 20058.95 -2.69 </p><p>FRANCE CAC 40 5039.39 -0.28 </p><p>GERMANY DAX 11432.72 0.27 </p><p>UK FTSE 100 6946.30 -0.05 </p><p>FII/DII ACTIVITY </p><p>GLOBAL INDICES </p></li><li><p>pinnaclefinancial.in@gmail.com </p><p>+919039035252 </p><p> DISCLAIMER </p><p>The information and views in this report, our website &amp; all the service we provide are </p><p>believed to be reliable, but we do not accept any responsibility (or liability) for errors of </p><p>fact or opinion. Users have the right to choose the product/s that suits them the most. </p><p>Investment in Stocks has its own risks. Sincere efforts have been made to present the </p><p>right investment perspective. The information contained herein is based on analysis and </p><p>up on sources that we consider reliable. We, however, do not vouch for the accuracy or </p><p>the completeness thereof. This material is for personal information and we are not </p><p>responsible for any loss incurred based upon it &amp; takes no responsibility whatsoever for </p><p>any financial profit s or loss which may arise from the recommendations above. The </p><p>stock price projections shown are not necessarily indicative of future price performance. </p><p>The information herein, together with all estimates and forecasts, can change without </p><p>notice. Pinnacle Financial Services does not purport to be an invitation or an offer to buy </p><p>or sell any financial instrument. Analyst or any person related to Pinnacle Financial </p><p>Services might be holding positions in the stocks recommended. It is understood that </p><p>anyone who is browsing through the site has done so at his free will and does not read </p><p>any views expressed as a recommendation for which either the site or its owners or </p><p>anyone can be held responsible for. Any surfing and reading of the information is the </p><p>acceptance of this disclaimer </p><p>Our Clients (Paid or Unpaid), Any third party or anyone else have no rights to forward or </p><p>share our calls or SMS or Report or Any Information Provided by us to/with anyone </p><p>which is received directly or indirectly by them. If found so then Serious Legal Actions </p><p>can be taken. Any surfing and reading of the information is the acceptance of this </p><p>disclaimer. </p><p>All Right Reserved. </p></li></ul>