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<ul><li> 1. Technology Action Plan District: Lufkin ISD Campus: Hackney Primary Persons Responsible: Technology Director Principal Administrativ Technology Campus Technical e Instructional Instructional Teachers Trouble Tracker Technology Director: Responsible for maintaining, updating, budgeting, hiring and training of all technology aspects for Lufkin ISD. Principal: Responsible for overseeing campus technology and integration into student's daily learning. Maintains open dialogue with all stakeholders to ensure the organizational flowchart is being followed. Administrative: (4 Staff) Responsible for district purchasing, networking, database, inventory for Lufkin ISD under the direction of the Technology Director. Technical: (5 Staff) Responsible for maintaining, fixing, updating, installing and removing all district hardware and software. Staff members are assigned specific </li> <li> 2. campuses. They work under the direction of the Technology Director and the campus Principal. Technology Instructional: (3 Staff) Responsible for staying current in new technology. Provide training to campus instructional specialist as well as conduct campus professional development when requested. Staff members are assigned specific campus. Works under the direction of the Technology Director and campus Principal. Campus Instructional Specialist: (1 Staff): Responsible for working with teachers to insure classroom success. Attends trainings to gather new knowledge. Provides trainings to classroom teachers. Models lessons for students and teachers. Teachers: (13 Staff) Responsible for classroom technology integration. Must provide district training and may request outside training. Responsible for upkeep of classroom technology supplies and reporting known issues through Trouble Tracker. Trouble Tracker:(1 Staff) System that teachers report known issues or place any technology request or assistance. Staff monitors the request and sends work order to the proper individual. Works under the direction of the Technology Director. Goals: Form campus committee to update campus technology plan that is currently dated 2003-2006 as discovered in previous reports. Teachers will use age-appropriate technologies to achieve the goals as outlined in Hackney's Campus Improvement Plan, such as the use of United Streaming and Rosetta Stone. Assessments will become computer based under the new PreKindergarten grant beginning January 2010. Use data taken from these assessments, current district assessments, and student portfolios to help drive instructional and technology needs. Curriculum: Teachers and students will utilize technology to improve early and beginning skills through cooperative learning and research-based approaches. Classroom technology will be used to enrich and extend critical thinking and learning. Teachers will integrate Texas PreKindergarten Technology Guidelines into everyday learning. Staff Development: Teachscape Campus training of the new Teachscape assessment tool. Utilize current technology to provide web training. Teachers will be able to access this training at their convenience. Principal will receive e-mail conformation once teacher completes training. </li> <li> 3. As teachers complete student assessments they are directly uploaded to Teachscape. Teachscape will then provide item analysis and data for teachers to disaggregate. Teachers are provided twice-monthly web based training by C-Scope for a total of 4 hours a month on effective and age appropriate lessons to help in areas that show a learning gap. Campus Instructional Specialist will be the Mentor for this training. Mentor will provide further modeling and observation to assist with classroom implementation. PreKindergarten and Technology Training According to week 3 report, Hackney Primary is weak in the use of technology across the board. Instructional Specialist will research effective ways to incorporate and integrate technology into the current district curriculum and district initiatives. Planning will be based upon the current planning schedule. Instructional specialist will incorporate these new technology strategies into the current weekly planning meetings to show the ease of integrating technology into PreKindergarten learning. Should any training be conducive to web based training, Instructional Specialist will work with technology department to have this training link on the campus staff page. Instructional Specialist will create a campus blog. The blog will be through the School Fusion website and linked to our campus page. Staff only will have access to this blog. The blog will be used in ways to engage staff in current technology use in a non-threatening environment. Instructional Specialist will also look for current ways teachers are using technology and ask them to share with the staff during weekly planning meetings. Other Professional Development Utilize region service center when topics are relevant to campus vision and goals. Visit Stephen F. Austin Early Childhood Charter School and Research Center to observe how technology is incorporated into their classrooms. Provide session explaining what and why the STaR is important to every classroom teacher, campus, and district. Evaluation: Meet with campus technology committee and site-based committee twice yearly to review and update technology plan. During this time the committee will also ensure that the technology plan is aligned with the district and campus improvement plans. Use local staff development day to analyze data provided from Teachscape, district assessments and student portfolios to ensure student success and determine areas of weakness. </li> <li> 4. Yearly review with all stakeholders the results of the current STaR chart. Provide open discussion and dialogue, allowing all to have a voice. Utilize written feedback from weekly planning meetings to determine what actions to continue and what actions to eliminate. Conduct walk-throughs in order to observe integration of technology in the classroom. </li> </ul>