week 1 – seneca networking environment. agenda overview of seneca server names how to access...

Download Week 1 – Seneca Networking Environment. Agenda Overview of Seneca Server names How to access servers Terminal Emulation (Putty) Browser – IE, Netscape,

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  • Week 1 Seneca Networking Environment

  • AgendaOverview of Seneca Server namesHow to access serversTerminal Emulation (Putty)Browser IE, Netscape, Fire Fox, etc.How to activate your student account


  • Seneca First Semester Computing Environment*CSOpen LabS2122Your Home PCLearning CommonsDial up or High Speed through a Gateway Router

  • Server names - learnEmail username@learn.senecac.on.caRemote login from on campus use web browserhttp://learn.senecac.on.ca/webmailfrom off campus first choice web browsersecond choice email client (POP3, IMAP) *learn.senecac.on.caProvides authentication and student email services

  • Server names - csCourse web site information https://cs.senecac.on.ca/~fac/ios110Remote loginuse a web browser*cs.senecac.on.caIs a secure web server and is used to display school and course information on the Internet . It is a file server for faculty

  • Server names - sirisAdministrative tasks siris.senecac.on.caNote this is a secure web server you must access it using the address https://siris.senecac.on.caRemote loginuse web browser*siris.senecac.on.caThe Student Internet Registration and Inquiry System (SIRIS) is a secure system which interacts with Seneca College's main computer system. It provides real-time information to students on request such as timetabling, and grades.

  • Server names My SenecaRemote loginmy.senecacollege.ca use web browserPrimarily used for online testing and handing in lab work

    *my.senecacollege.caBlackboard is a Microsoft .NET platform used to provide online courses, testing, listservs and discussion groups. It also is a secure server (https://)

  • Server names - matrixEmail username@matrix.senecac.on.ca Web Serverftp://matrix.senecac.on.ca/~learn_namehttp://matrix.senecac.on.ca/~learn_nameRemote loginmatrix.senecac.on.ca first choice SSH ie. Putty

    *matrix.senecac.on.caIs a Linux server and is used by all students to learn about UNIX\Linux and provides a KDE windows environment.

  • Using a Terminal Emulator Program A terminal emulator program designed to connect with a remote computerMainframe servers can only talk to dumb terminals Terminal Emulator software allows your PC to emulate a dumb terminal to connect to servers.You will need Terminal Emulator software to connect to Matrix.Use secure terminal emulator programs that encrypt the username and password. Examples: Putty*

  • Your Seneca Accounts If you havent activated your account go to the Library and click on the New Student button on the login dialog box. You will be directed to SIRIS.To activate account you must give your username and create a secret question and answerLog into LearnIf you can log into learn you will be able to log into matrix since the username and password are the same Log in to Matrix to change your temporary password to a more permanent one*

  • Activating your accountSee online Help Sheet*

  • Pre-Lab Download Vista Install File from http://acs.senecac.on.ca Click on Downloads and Log in (only available to CS students)Click on MSDNBurn the ISO file to a DVD R (follow Pre-Lab instructions)Generate a Product key by doing the following:Click on MSDNAA License on the ACS web siteClick Request KeyWrite the Key on the DVD for future reference


  • Pre-Lab Download Driver ISO file from http://acs.senecac.on.ca Click on Downloads and Log in (only available to CS students)Click on Drivers Select Intel Driver for CS LabsBurn the ISO file to a CD R (follow Pre-Lab instructions)


  • Pre-LabPurchase Text and Lab Manual from Book StoreCopy Student Worksheets on CD to USB flash driveBring to every Lab

    *No Internet access the during Lab periods

    *Why do you need access?-Create software\assignments\labs\tests -Learn about Windows and UNIX -Communicate via Email -View course and school web site content -Administrative tasks registration, your grades, course selection, etc.

    At Seneca we use standard Internet technologies:Remote login access to servers File sharing and transfer Information display using web sites