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  • Wedding Planner

  • They plane all thing in right way like wedding decoration,

    caters, transport facility and entertainment facility like

    music dance and choose the right place venue.

    Overall they make your wedding day special.

  • The job of a wedding planner goes far beyond

    arranging & maintaining the dcor.

  • A wedding planner's duties include budget

    preparation, staff selection, assistance

    with legal documentation and eventual

    translations, in case of destination


  • We make a lot of efforts to make the day all

    the more important as it has to be the most


  • We want it to be a perfect and very special day for


    The preparation of a wedding take place way before

    the main wedding day as there are so many things

    associated with a wedding.

  • The wedding planners have made their

    presence in almost all the marriage in a

    positive way and have helped almost all the

    community to conduct marriage with the best

    possible way.

  • It has been a common practice to ask the

    mane of the wedding planner, who has

    conducted the marriage instead of asking the

    name of the individual providers, like caterer

    and decorator.

  • Wedding planner make best wedding planning for your wedding within your budget.

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