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Wedding planner in Mexico


  • wedding PLANNER


    b y t i p , t o u r o p e r a t o r & d m c

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    P R O F E S S I O N A L

    W E D D I N G

    P L A N N E R

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  • T I P w e d d i n g P L A N N E R p l a n n e r

    , T O U R O P E R A T O R & D M C

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  • wedding PLANNER

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    T I P S E R V I C E S

    Welcome to Mexico:

    We are happy to help you with our

    professional services in order to make

    that special day, the one you will

    always remember

    Angelica Galindo Dib, CMP


  • T I P w e d d i n g P L A N N E R p l a n n e r

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    W E D D I N G P L A N N E R

    Tip, Tour Operator & DMC, is a DMC that offers diverse wedding services starting with the creation of a concept together with the bride and groom. We consider any special needs, desires and expectations, fitting our clients budget. TIP, Tour Operator & DMC has more than 15 years of experience, trained staff including official international certification, such as CMP (Certified Meeting Professional by the Convention Industry Council) and CWC (Certified Wedding Consultant by Weddings Beautiful World Wide). We are used to work with International clients developing innovative products, out of the ordinary in order to get and unforgettable experience. Our different themes, specially with Mexican elements, we help to feel a warm atmosphere not only the decoration but also selecting incredible sites (like beaches in Cancun, haciendas, museums, hotels, etc.), food, show, etc. We can help you as well with pre or post tours for your guests, as well as your honey moon.

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    wedding PLANNER b y t i p , t o u r o p e r a t o r

    & d m c


    celebr ations

    Site Selection:

    Colonial cities

    cancun beaches


    tr ansportation



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    w e d d i n g P L A N N E R b y t i p , t o u r o p e r a t o r &

    d m c


    Banquets &


    Decor ation

    Parties gios

    Honney Moons

    O u r T r a v e l A g e n c y w i l l

    d e s i g n a s p e c i a l h o n e y m o o n

    f o r y o u

  • TIPw e d d i n g P L A N N E R p l a n n e r


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  • wedding PLANNER b y t i p , t o u r o p e r a t o r &

    d m c

  • Phone: (52 222) 230 14 38

    Fax: (52 222) 248 55 80


    2 poniente 2108, Colonia Amor.

    Puebla, Puebla C.P. 72140


    wedding PLANNER

    b y t i p , t o u r o p e r a t o r &

    d m c