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  • WEDDING PLANNERA S P E C I A L S E C T I O N O F T H E D E N I S O N B U L L E T I N A N D D E N I S O N R E V I E W | Friday, February 1, 2013

    Denison elementary teachersurprised by proposal

    by Greg ForbesAlthough Joe and Morgan (Loew) Stipe both grew up

    in Carroll, they did not meet until the fall of 2008 at theUniversity of Northern Iowa.

    They first met a week before Thanksgiving at a mu-tual friends house and began dating back in Carroll dur-ing Thanksgiving break.

    Their relationship continued and grew for nearly threeyears when Joe, a lab technician for REG Ralston, LLC,was finalizing the purchase of a home in Carroll.

    Joe told Morgan heneeded something fromWalmart and asked herto go along. She saidyes and on the wayhome, Joe asked if shewanted to see thehouse, which had oncebelonged to her grand-mother.

    When they got out of the vehicle to look at the house,Joe began talking about Morgans past with the houseand their future at it.

    I pulled the ring out of my coat and proposed to herthere, Joe said and added his gesture caught her offguard. She didnt answer for a while.

    Morgan, a third grade teacher at 20th Street Elemen-tary School in Denison, eventually regained her abilityto speak and answered yes.

    The next day, she and Joe began to plan the wedding. They began by selecting the church, the reception area

    and the D.J. at the reception. For Joe and Morgan, choos-ing the church was one of the easiest decisions in theplanning process.

    We knew we wanted it in Holy Spirit, Morgan said.My parents got married there and thats where we hadbeen going.

    Morgan and Joe continued to plan the wedding withtheir families in mind.

    Joes sister helped design the save-the-date cards andthe wedding programs. Two of Joes great uncles were onthe altar during the ceremony; one a monsignor and theother a priest.

    Father Tim Johnson served as the priest for the wed-ding, which was officiated along traditional Catholicguidelines.

    Joan Bundt and Abby Murrane provided the musicduring the ceremony.

    Following the ceremony, guests welcomed the newly-wed couple at the Lincoln Club in Glidden.

    It felt right to have it there, said Morgan, a Gliddennative.

    STIPE . . . Page 2

    Morgan (Loew), third grade teacher at 20th Street Ele-mentary, and Joe Stipe, celebrated their marriage at HolySpirit Catholic Church in Carroll on August 4, 2012.

    Joe and Morgan planned a wedding that would allowthem to focus on each other instead of high profile decora-tions. Photo submitted

    Just keep the focus

    on each other

    and your families.

    ~ Morgan Stipe



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    STIPE, from Page 1

    The layout was great and the walls were nice enoughthat we didnt have to decorate them too much, Joeadded.

    Guests and the wedding party were treated to a mealcatered by The Lincoln Club, and danced to music pro-vided by Spotlight Entertainment.

    Some tables were decorated with glass picture framesbearing an etched S. Leftover fabric from the purplebridesmaids dresses was set behind the picture frame tohighlight the S.

    The other tables had tall cylinder vases with fake rosesinside. Beads went up the stem to give the rose a sub-merged look.

    Morgan stated that the decorations were designed to

    provide an elegant touch but not take away from thefamily feel of the wedding.

    We thought the simpler the better, Morgan said. Joe added, This was about being with our families

    and close friends and not the decorations.Features of the save-the-dates, the wedding and the

    reception were designed to have a subtle baseball theme;a passion of both Joe and Morgan.

    The save-the-date cards were designed with a baseballpattern and the reception contained a table filled withpopular baseball snacks and decorated cakes.

    During the ceremony, Father Johnson tied an Oriolesjersey both Johnson and Joes favorite team into hissermon.

    It was a little touch of us, Morgan said. Since the wedding was August 4 and Morgan was

    scheduled to begin her first day of teaching at 20th StreetElementary School in Denison just two days later, thecouple put their honeymoon on hold until Christmasbreak.

    They ventured to Riviera Maya, Mexico where Mor-gan was able to cross an item off her bucket list.

    My lifelong dream was to zipline, Morgan said.Morgan and Joe explained that not everything went

    exactly as planned on the wedding day but they wereable to adjust to minor changes without a problem. Theycontinued that the purpose of the wedding day is a cel-ebration of each other, not of details.

    It wouldve ruined the day had we dwelled on the lit-tle things, Joe said. Dont take it (the wedding process)too seriously. Just keep the focus on each other and yourfamilies, Morgan added.

    The right man for the right womanSaying yeswas the easiestdecision in planning the wedding

    by Greg ForbesA set up more than two

    years ago has led to a Feb-ruary wedding.

    Mandy Bahr, a musicteacher for the Ar-We-Vaschool system, said shewas going to church withPat Kirby. One day, Kirbyand Dr. Rosemary Masonwere talking when Masonsaid she knew a greatyoung man who she wouldlike to see have a girlfriend.

    She said, I know justthe girl, said Bahr, recall-ing Kirbys response toMason.

    On November 13, 2010,

    she and Todd Lauderbaughofficially began to date.

    In July of 2012, Mandyhad been visiting her par-ents as her dad was in poorhealth. When she returned,Todd asked her how thingswere going. After Mandyemotionally explained thesituation to him, Toddpulled out a ring box.

    He said Ive been wait-ing for the right time and itjust hadnt happened yet. Isnow the right time? And itwas, Mandy explained.

    The wedding is set forFebruary 23 this year.Mandy explained theychose the date because itmatched her school sched-ule well and was also whenthe Manning Hausbarnwould be available for thereception.

    They selected the FirstUnited Methodist Church inDenison as the location be-cause of its size.

    That is where he goes tochurch and its one of thelarger churches in Denison.I have a big family so weneeded a big place, Mandysaid.

    She continued that Toddinsisted they get married inDenison.

    He said our life is herein Denison, she stated.

    Pastor Richard Kaiserwill officiate the ceremonyand Perry Bekkerus andElizabeth Book, accompa-nied by Patti Bekkerus, willprovide the music.

    A string quartet fromCarroll will also play theprelude and postludemusic.

    We are friends withElizabeth and the Bekkerusfamily, so having them wasan easy decision, she said.

    Following the ceremony,guests will venture to theHausbarn in Manning forthe reception.

    The room will be decorat-ed with winter themes suchas snowflakes and greenwreathes. The wedding col-ors of blue, silver and whitewill be worked in the deco-rations throughout the re-ception.

    The Lidderdale CountryStore will cater the mealand while dining, guestswill enjoy the musical tal-ents of artists such as LouisArmstrong and Patsy Kline.

    Todds sister made a CDof some dinner music thatwe like, she said.

    Mandy explained themost difficult part of plan-ning a wedding was thetimeliness of receivingRSVPs

    While planning a wed-ding was a stressfulprocess, Mandy explainedwhat she felt was the easi-est decision.

    Saying yes, she re-sponded.

    Todd Lauderbaugh, of Professional Computer Systems andMandy Bahr, a music teacher in the Ar-We-Va school system,will celebrate their wedding on February 23. Photo submitted


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