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The Press special section for planning your big day in far East Contra Costa


  • Photo courtesy of Discovery Bay Studios Wedding Photography

    The Press sPecial ediTion summer 2016

    June 17, 2016

  • JUNE 17, 2016 Wedding Planner THEPRESS.NET | 3B

    Plan your dream day in Discovery Bay

    Imagine walking down the aisle on your wedding day on a private outdoor veranda at a country club, framed by meticulously

    groomed gardens and greens, with

    views of Mount Diablo, extravagant

    sunsets or twinkling, starry night


    If your dream wedding is indoors, picture yourself walking through a Mediterranean-style clubhouse, where sunlight falls through skylights onto tall, white, marble columns and an atrium-style lobby. Best of all, you dont have to belong to a country club to make either of these luxurious weddings a reality.

    Discovery Bay Golf & Country Club is one of Contra Costa Countys most elegant and picturesque destinations for saying I do, offering exceptional service, delicious food, affordable prices and wonderful ambiance that transforms any vision into a dream wedding. The country club, known for its broad lawns, gorgeous lakes, colorful flowers and grand willow, poplar and ash trees, is available for rental to both members and nonmem-bers. Indoor and outdoor sites make the perfect spots for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

    Our grounds and clubhouse are beautiful, providing so many stunning, photographic locations, said Jenelle Tissot, the clubs food and beverage manager and event coordinator. Having a wedding here is an intimate and unique experience, because we do not overbook our location to ensure we can give each guest special attention and an experience

    catered to their vision.From start to finish, the staff at the

    club helps with all of the details, from menu planning, timeline and other special touches, to make your customized, once-in-a-lifetime day memorable. In addition to the on-site wedding coordinator, who helps plan the perfect event, brides and grooms work with culinary staff to plan a sit down or buffet-dinner package.

    Our wedding was everything and more, said bride Samantha Aranda. The chef was spectacular, and all of my guests complimented the food. There was a huge selection of salads, pastas and pota-

    toes, and the chicken cordon bleu was spectacular. I could not have asked for our wedding day to go any more perfectly.

    Besides delicious food, Discovery Bay Golf & Country Club gives wedding parties extra time to set up. Since the club hosts only one event per day, wedding parties have unlimited access to the venue the entire day of the wedding, prior to the event start time. Other amenities include silver and all basic linens (one tablecloth and napkin color choice), tables and chairs, a wedding food tasting with the booking, a bridal suite, dance floor and optional valet parking.

    In all of our research, we have never met a more dedicated or profes-sional event coordinator, said groom and Brentwood resident Alex Tuveson. I would recommend Discovery Bay Golf & Country Club to anyone who is looking for a wedding venue. We cant thank them enough for making our wedding something that we will cherish and remember for the rest of our lives.

    Discovery Bay Golf & Country Club is located at 1475 Clubhouse Dr., in Discovery Bay. For more information, visit or call 925-634-0700.

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    ON THE COVER: The Discovery Bay Golf & Country Club offers a dramatic, romantic backdrop for weddings of all sizes, tastes and budgets.

    The Mediterranean-style architecture at the Discovery Bay Golf & Country Club, offers a unique, one-of-a-kind ambiance for weddings, with on-site catering and event-planning services.

    Photo by Discovery Bay Studios Wedding Photography

  • 4B | THEPRESS.NET Wedding Planner JUNE 17, 2016

    Donate, recycle, reuse for a greener wedding

    Sometimes, a wedding can be a testament to excess. In order to make an impression and please every guest, couples often go above and beyond with regard to food, favors, flowers

    and much more at their weddings.

    At the end of the night, couples might be left with a good deal of food and other items that go to waste. That is, unless they donate the excess to someone who can use it.

    Leftover wedding food, flowers and wardrobes can be donated and make a difference in other peoples lives. By asking a few questions and doing a little legwork, you can turn items that would be discarded into something that goes on to help another person.

    Food - Food is one area of the wedding thats often prepared in abundance, particularly for buffet-style weddings. In order to keep chafing dishes filled and inviting, catering halls or restaurants often prepare much more food than is necessary. At the end of the night, there are usually plenty of leftovers. Some caterers may contract with food-recovery groups to take leftover food and bring it to the needy. You can ask your caterer if they do so. If not, do an online search for a food-recovery organization and find out how you can donate the remainders of your wedding feast.

    Clothing - Bridesmaid dresses and formal wear are seldom worn again, unless you are a person who has mastered the art of turning pink taffeta into a new

    ensemble. However, you may be able to donate a dress or suit to a consignment store or thrift shop, where it can be purchased and worn by someone who may not be able to afford an off-the-rack item. You can also consider donating it to an organization that provides clothing to the underprivileged. Some people offer wedding clothing for sale at deep discounts through newspaper classifieds or online, where it can also live on in someone elses closet.

    Floral arrangements - Wedding centerpieces can last for several days before they wilt. While friends and family members may take some home, several centerpieces will likely be left at the end of the night. Think about bringing them to a hospital, hospice center or nursing home. The flowers can help brighten the day of others who are in somber settings. If you cannot find a place that will take them, consider dropping one or two of them off at the home of an elderly relative who might be confined to their home.

    Favors - Provided your favors have not been engraved with a date or names, you may be able to return extras to the store. Theres also the possibility of making them available to a couple planning their wedding and looking to cut costs wherever possible. Or, take the favors home and send one out to any person who gives you a gift or a card, but wasnt able to make it to the wedding.

    Weddings do not have to be wasteful. If you put your mind to it, you can find ways to reuse items featured on your big day.

    Courtesy Metro Creative

    Photo courtesy of Metro Creative

    Drop off floral arrangements at nursing homes, where they can brighten up the environment.

  • JUNE 17, 2016 Wedding Planner THEPRESS.NET | 5B

    A guide to engagement ring shoppingLong before many couples stand in front of an officiant and say, I do, they make another pledge to each other by getting engaged and agreeing to begin a new life together.

    In a 2011 survey by from XO Group, Inc., formerly The Knot Inc., the average engagement ring costs Americans $5,200. Considering engagement rings are typically once-in-a-lifetime purchases, many men say the high cost is warranted and are even willing to finance the purchase or push their budgets to procure a beautiful ring.

    Many engagement rings feature a 1-carat center stone with some smaller stones surrounding it, accounting for a 1.4 total carat weight on average. Considering a ring is such a significant investment, it pays to have some knowledge in gem selection.Start by answering a few questions

    Having an idea of what you want can help anyone get a better deal, whether one is shopping for a new sofa or an engagement ring. An informed shopper can avoid being taken advantage of or buying something that really isnt worth the asking price.

    The four Cs are a good place for shoppers to get started. Various attributes affect the value, quality and beauty of a diamond. The four Cs stand for cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

    The cut refers to the shape of the stone, as well as the skill involved in achieving the shape of the facets so that it reflects the light brilliantly. The grading color in a diamond determines how closely a diamonds color approaches colorlessness. The diamond will be assigned a letter grade. The higher the letter in the alphabet, the clearer the stone. Clarity refers to the amount,

    size, type and location of internal flaws in a diamond, also known as inclusions. The cost of the diamond increases when there are fewer inclusions in the stone. Finally, the carat weight is the size and weight of the stone. The larger the stone, the pricier it can be.

    Another question to ask is which style of ring? Your fiancee-to-be may have a certain setting style and diamond shape preference. It pays to know these things, including the type of setting the stone will be encased in. You should also know whether they would be happy with a larger stone that may have some invisible imperfections or a smaller, flawless stone.Know your budget

    Many expenses are associated with planning a wedding, and some couples may not want to begin their lives together in debt. This may need to be factored in to the decision-making process. You should go to jewelry stores to price out different styles and see how diamonds compare. This way you will have an accurate idea of just how much rings cost.

    Carefully consider your options. Having an intimate knowledge of what your significant other will want can help you to narrow down somet