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Your banquet’s table setting arrangement has a significant impact not just on the success of your wedding but also on leaving a lasting impression on your guests’ mind. Perhaps, a wedding buffet food table setting is one of the most popular types of arrangements and it’s also a huge money-saver since you don’t have to hire additional wait and service staff.


  • 1. A wedding buffet food table setting is one of the most popular types of arrangements and its also a huge money- saver since you dont have to hire additional wait and service staff.

2. The number of tables you need may also vary on the number of guests present. Tables are arranged into different figures, U, V, L or in hollow squares. These tables may be placed at the center of the room, by the side of the wall, or may be separated, and one or two tables may be considered an island for placing special entrees. 3. Make sure to cover your buffet table with white table cloths. The length should be extensive enough to cover the entire table tops and the table stands. Make sure they are not that long to avoid being stepped on. 4. If you want different colors, you may opt for table covers with pleating on the side for added appeal. You may also use table runners for a more appealing look. 5. Place large plates at the corner of the table. This is where the serving line begins. 6. Place platters of food in order of importance. If you have dishes that need accompaniments, make sure to have them by the dishs side. 7. Flatware should be placed at the side of every dish. 8. For your choice of table accompaniments (utensils, dinnerware, flatware and linens) for buffet service, be sure to put quality and efficiency in mind. This will make your service more comfortable, elegant, and hospitable. It may not necessarily be luxurious and extravagant, but the most important thing is that it is efficient. 9. As the Product Specialist of Better Cater, Im working hard to develop catering software that will give the caterers power to control food cost and give you the ability, knowledge, and confidence to do your job perfectly and to your specification. -Anthony Franco Product Specialist, Better Cater