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Wedding Flower Portfolio

Wedding FlowerPortfolioGood Idea For Your Wedding1Wedding DetailsSeason:SummmerMay

Color SchemeDark Blue RedWhite

Event Description:Formal church wedding ceremonyo 6 Bridesmaidso 4 Groomsmeno2 Moms, 4 Grandmaso2 Dads, 4 GrandpasFormal Wedding LuncheonoCatered at restaurant

Wedding Style:FormalFormal Ceremonym, luncheon and reception


ItemQuantityRed Rose7Blue Rose7White Rose7Supplies Needed3Bridesmaids Bouquets

ItemQuantityRibbon ties6Purple roses 4 each24White roses 5 each30White poppy 2 each 12Purple carnation 1 each 6Supplies Needed


Item Quantities Groomsmen Blue Roses4Grandpas Red Carnations4Dads White Roses2Supplies Needed5Corsages

ItemQuantitiesSilver wire bracelet2Roses4Calla Lilies4Wax Flower2 bunchesGrass2 bunchesWhite Feathers4Two wristlet corsages for moms

6Wedding Cake

Place flowers in groups of 3 around the cake

7Table Centerpieces

Items Quantity Tables 6Blue candles 24Candle holder6Vases Blue flowers Red flowers White flowers

36421830Bouquet at each table 8Entry Arch

itemsquantityWooden arches3White petunias1000Little owls20Red lilies 400Satin ribbon100 ftPew marker109