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  1. 1. Wedding Favours - Fun Or Hassle When it comes to the stage in your Wedding planning when you are thinking of yourMaggie Sottero Camille Favours, the chances are you're on the home stretch and almost ready for your Big Day. We all know how stressful the organisation of a Wedding can be, but can those little finishing touches just add to the stress, or can they bring a little light hearted relief?
  2. 2. Well the answer to this question is easy - it can be both!! If the details have been left to the last minute then, of course, trying to find your perfect favour can be very stressful: What to give? Where to buy it? How to package it? On the other hand, all girls love shopping for gifts so if you have the time available it can be a very enjoyable experience. You can spend time looking for a wedding favour that will say a little about you, your partner, your Day and of course, a favour which will show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance at yourMaggie Sottero Candice.
  3. 3. Once you have decided what favour you will give, you can then look at the presentation - packaging is just as important for most types of favours and can be used to bring the theme of your Wedding day to your favours, and also add that extra special touch to your table decorations. There are many options for presenting yourMaggie Sottero Capri Favours: pretty organza bags, stylish favour boxes, patterned cellophane bags, wonderful ribbons, pretty flowers modern jewels and sprays. Whatever your decide to use, remember that this is where the fun comes in: you have your gifts and your packaging, so all you need is a few friends or family members, a pot of coffee (or something stronger!) and a little time to sit around and make up your beautiful creations.
  4. 4. This can be a lovely way to make people feel involved in your Wedding preparations and also take a little of the stress away from you! Everyone will share in the huge sense of satisfaction of seeing dozens of adorable little favours laid out on your dining table, while at the same time sharing a social gathering of friends and family. So, if you want to avoid adding the hassle factor to yourMaggie Sottero Capri Marie Favours remember: although they may be small, don't leave them until the last minute, and try and get those closest to you involved in the fun! DIY Favour Boxes One Eyed Cat