Wedding Favors on the Cheap: DIY Keepsake Ideas

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  1. 1. Wedding Favors on the Cheap: DIYKeepsake Ideas
  2. 2. So youre still halfway on your wedding preparations but your expenses have already skyrocketed.How can you possibly trim down on some of your expenses to make sure that you will still haveenough money for other essentials such as the cake, decorations and your Perth weddingphotography services?One of the most effective ways to cut costs is to make your own wedding favors. In fact, it is a veryenjoyable venture, wherein you and your bridesmaids can take pleasure in. In the end, you cancreate personalized and more meaningful keepsakes. Here are some DIY ideas that are fun and easyto make:SoapsYou need to prepare the following: soap chips, coloring, fragrance or essential oils and a molder.You can get recipes and instructions from DIY books and sites if you want to start from scratch.However, if you want an easier option, you can just go to a local craft store and purchase pre-madesoap kits. To give the soaps a more personal touch, you can add dried flowers or use a color thatwill suit your theme. And to make it more appealing, wrap the soaps in pretty papers and ribbonsand tie a thank you tag around it.Potted PlantsNowadays, being green is all the rage, so why not go with the trend by giving potted plants as aneco-friendly give-away? Each visitor can take home an individual plant, either your favorite herb orflower, which you can buy in bulk at a cheaper price. Then give it some personal touch by addingbows or stick some love quotes on the pot for a more romantic vibe.CDYou can make a playlist of love songs that you and your spouse-to-be like. There are millions ofsongs that you can download from the Internet so this wedding favor isnt that hard to create. Whenthe CDs are ready, you can place them in cases and on the cover, place a photo from your weddingphotos to make it more memorable. Every time your guests listen to the songs, surely, they willremember you!Cake popsEdible wedding favors are also in vogue these days and cake pops are just a hit. If youre notfamiliar with them, well, theyre cake balls that are put together through frosting and then dipped inanother coating of icing or melted chocolate. Just find a recipe for these goodies and package themaccording to your preferenceplace them on a stick and cover with cellophane and tie them withribbons or you can place them in cute boxes.Now, with your DIY wedding favors, you can definitely reduce some of your wedding expenses andbe able to spend on more important elements of the wedding such as your Perth weddingphotographers who will cover the most unforgettable event in your lifetime.1|P ag e