Wedding Fashion Trends This Season’s Most Popular Wedding Dresses

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One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is choosing your dress. Whether you want to go traditional or modern, finding a dress that flatters your figure and helps you look and feel your best can help make the day perfect. Take advantage of the latest wedding fashion trends by choosing one of these popular dresses.


  • 1. One of the most importantparts of planning your weddingis choosing your dress. Whetheryou want to go traditional ormodern, finding a dress thatflatters your figure and helpsyou look and feel your best canhelp make the day perfect. Takeadvantage of the latest weddingfashion trends by choosing oneof these popular dresses.More info on:

2. Off-The-Shoulder DressesThis season, dresses with sleeves that leave theshoulders exposed are extremely trendy. Lookfor Grecian-inspired dresses, or dresses with off-the-shoulder sweetheart necklines.More info on: 3. Full Skirts Made with TulleFull, puffy skirts made with layer after layer oftulle are also very in. Reminiscent of something aballerina might wear, these dresses are soft andfeminine. They are ideal for a romantic themedwedding.More info on: 4. High CollarsForget deep, plunging necklines. This yearswedding fashions are all about high collars. Lookfor dresses with high, lacey collars that draw theyeye upward toward your face. For a slightly lesstraditional look, opt for a dress with a high neck,but short sleeves.More info on: 5. Simple and SleekForm-fitting dresses withsmooth, clean lines are anotherpopular option for this yearsweddings. Not only are thesedresses figure-flattering, butthey are also easy to movearound in. There is no need tofeel like a giant cupcake whilewalking around your reception.More info on: 6. Ombre DressesOmbre dresses are dyed sothat they fade from one colorat the top to another color atthe bottom. Most of thesedresses are white on top, withjust a hint of color at thebottom.More info on: 7. Whichever style you choose, taking advantageof the latest wedding fashions can help youlook and feel your best on your wedding day.The most important part of choosing a dress ismaking sure that it fits your body and that it isflattering.More info on: