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<ol><li> 1. Wedding Chandeliers at Weddings Although the theme of your wedding is important to decorate the venue, lighting can play a major role in setting the tone for your wedding. Rather than putting up simple lights at the venue, you can be more creative and arrange the lights in a manner that apart from lighting, they also beautify the space. This will help to transform the venue from being simple to exceptional. Due to the advances made in lighting, they have become components of personalization than being mere utilities. The times have changed a great deal and therefore one sees that weddings have evolved from the simple ones to the more stylish couture weddings. Such weddings are especially planned keeping in mind the preferences of the bride as well as the groom. An exhilarating ambience is well achieved by making accurate use of wedding chandeliers. There are many elements to look forward to in a wedding. A chandelier will not only add elegance to the wedding but also helps to bring out amazing photos. Having chandeliers and their appropriate placement is a work of art. You can include chandelier centerpiecein the decoration of your venue, depending on the theme of the wedding, the chandeliers can be used accordingly. You can cluster them and place them in the middle. Chandeliers are usually seen in crystal and white setting, they also have colors in them such as pink, green and blue. You can choose the one that best suits your wedding dcor. These chandeliers have the grace that is important to set the mood which is crucial to a wedding. </li><li> 2. There are also many table top chandeliers which can be used to captivate the setting. They can either be placed as a special dcor item or can be placed as a series of assorted raindrop beaded chandeliers spread on tables. If these chandeliers seem way out of your budget, you can always opt for cheap chandeliers for weddings. It is advisable to do window shopping before you zero in on any of the chandeliers. You might get some discounts if you look out for sales around. Chandeliers lend an aura to the venue and make it more captivating. Choosing an ideal chandelier is extremely important, therefore it is best that you get professional advice on the same. A lighting technician will help you identify which is the best chandelier for your wedding venue and what will complement the theme. Alternatively, you can even ask your wedding planner to include this element in the wedding decorations. Chandeliers are a great addition and can beautify your venue by manifolds. However, too much of the same may hurt the eye or may ruin the look of the area. Therefor it is extremely important to achieve a proper balance so that adds the right touch of lan. Look for other decorative items like pearl ribbon to complement your decoration. </li></ol>