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Dallas Palms

Dream Wedding Venue and Banquet Hall

Wedding Ceremony and Reception in Dallas Choose the ideal Venue for Wedding Ceremony and ReceptionWe offer luxury ballrooms, an excellent location, reliable suppliers and 5 star quality services for corporate, wedding and special events.Dallas Palms Venue is not only ideal for romantic events but many of our clients choose us for corporate and other personal events as well.

Dallas Palms Venues Wedding Gardens

A wedding cake is always necessary for your wedding

Kids attend weddings, and as adultsThey strive for entertainment too! Here are some kid friendly activities ideas for your wedding.Give the children invited at your wedding some Play Doh and youll keep them busy for hours. To make this special for them, give them a task such as using the Play Doh to make something that is related to the wedding.

Catering Menus of Dallas Palms Venue

Southwest Caesar SaladBeef, Chicken and roasted vegetable fajitas (Served with flour and corn tortillasSour cream, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, and shredded cheeseSpanish riceRefried beansTortilla chips and Salsa

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