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  1. 1. Lee Yan Chi 10014462Yeung Ming Lut 10010629
  2. 2. A bride from the late 1800swearing a black or darkcolored wedding dress. European and Americanbrides had been wearinga plethora ofcolors, includingblue, yellow, and practicalcolors like black, brown, orgray.
  3. 3. White wedding gownsand veils, credited toQueen Victoriaschoice to wear a whitewedding dress at herwedding to PrinceAlbert in 1840 Implication:"a connotation ofinnocence and sexualpurity.
  4. 4. 1. SOMETNINOLD Inherit every bliss and happiness2. SOMETNINGNEW To symbolize new life3. SOMETNINGBORROWED To symbolize that the bride would enjoy a happy marriage too4. SOMETNINGBIUE To symbolize purity5. Silver sixpence in your shoe To symbolize good fortune
  5. 5. Exchange ofwedding vows Promises eachpartner in a couplemakes to the other
  6. 6. Exchange ofwedding rings The Romans believeda vein in thisparticularfinger, called "venaamoris" (a.k.a. the"vein of love"), leadsdirectly to the heart. By wearing rings onthe fourthfinger, symbolicallydeclares their eternallove for each other.
  7. 7. A publicproclamation ofmarriage by anauthority figure orleader
  8. 8. Flower girl and pageboy Usually 4-8 years oldchild Flower girl is the angelin the wedding,carrying happinessand blessing to thebride. Symbolize the blessingto have children
  9. 9. Speeches / Toasts From the groom, best man, father of thebride and possibly the bride wishing the couple well.
  10. 10. Dancing First dance asspouses
  11. 11. Wedding cake Distribution of cakeamong the guests byonly the bridebecause consumingthe cake wouldensure fertility.
  12. 12. The bride and groomwould share a pieceof cake beforedistributing it to theguests to symbolizetheir union and theirpromise to foreverprovide for eachother.
  13. 13. Three LettersBetrothal Letter Formal document of the engagementGift letter Listing types and quantity of giftsWedding Letter Confirmation of the formal acceptanceof the bride into the grooms family
  14. 14. Weddingceremony Choosing weddingPresenting dateWedding Presenting Gifts BetrothalBirthday GiftsmatchingProposing
  15. 15. Proposing If parents of a young man identify a woman as the wife of their son, then they will find a matchmaker present their request to the identified womans parentsBirthday matching The matchmaker would ask for the girls birthday and birth hour record to assure the compatibility of the potential bride and groomPresenting Betrothal Gifts If the match was predicted to be auspicious, the matchmaker would take gifts to the girls parents and tell them that the process could continue.
  16. 16. Presenting Wedding GiftsProlific gifts were presented again to the girls family, symbolizingrespect and kindness towards the girls family as well as thecapability of providing a good life for the girl. Choosing wedding dateMale side asks a fortune-teller and proposes a lucky weddingdate, then goes to female side to ask for confirmation. Wedding ceremony
  17. 17. For the brideBathing with pumelohair dressing ritualRed wedding dress, shoes and her face needto be covered by a red cloth.Phoenix decoration
  18. 18. For the groomCapping ritualLong gown, red shoes and a red silksash with a silk ball on his shoulderDragon decoration
  19. 19. The Ceremony1234
  20. 20. Western style ChinesestyleStyle bridal veil Cheongsam,MandriancollarCutting Narrow on Straight,the upper narrow,body part but close-fittingwide on thelower part ofbodyColor White Red
  21. 21. RITUALS


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