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  1. 1. Wedding Articles - Todays WeddingsARTICLESPacking for Your Destination Weddingby Paris Permenter and Allure A301 John BigleyHome :: Articles :: Packing for your Destination WeddingAre you planning a destination wedding? Congratulations!Before you head off to your dream wedding and honeymoon,dont forget the packing for the wedding itself. Much willdepend on where youre having your wedding and your ownpersonal style.
  2. 2. If youre getting married in a formal wedding dress, be sure tocarry it with you - dont trust your dress to checked luggage. Mostairplanes have coat closets and will allow travelers to hanggarment bags. Check with your airline.Grooms should also carry the clothing needed for the ceremony. Ifyoure getting married in the Caribbean, you wont find manytuxedo rental shops in the islands. It is easiest to bring clotheswith you. We recently saw a panicked groom in the Bahamaswearing a tuxedo shirt, coat, cummerbund -and a pair of jeans.The stressed-out groom was racing for the lobby door to meet aclothier who had located a pair of tuxedo pants after the groomswere lost in his luggage. Dont let this happen to you!Also, carry all original documents--including birth certificates anddivorce papers, if applicable--in your hand luggage. Dont packthese in checked Allure A302 luggage!
  3. 3. Many resorts have on-site beauty salons, so you can makesure your hair is perfect for your wedding day. (If you plan todo your own hair, be sure to check first on the electricalcurrent and plugs at your destination. You may need to bringconverters for hot rollers and other appliances.) Manyresorts also have on-site spas which can pamper the two ofyou with a massage to work out the kinks Allure A303 fromyour flight.For the wedding, youll want to pack some of these items,depending on your plans:
  4. 4. wedding dress special hosiery or undergarments shoes (if youre planning a tropical wedding, rememberthat high temperatures and humidity, coupled with a longflight, Allure A304 can make feet puffy)guest bookwedding ringsgrooms tux or suitgrooms shoesaddress bookthank you cards if youd like to write them on the wayhome