webinar sap connected mobile apps with the app lifecycle platform

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  • 1. Peter Broekroelofs CTO Service2Media Daan van der Lugt Alliances Director Service2Media John M. Wargo Mobile Solution Manager SAP SAP-CONNECTED MOBILE APPS WITH THE APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM WEBINAR JANUARY 24, 2013

2. Advanced app solutions | 2 Introduction on partnership -Daan van der Lugt SAP Mobile Platform -John M. Wargo Service2Media App Lifecycle Platform M2Active Joint references -Peter Broekroelofs Q&A This webinar will be recorded Please submit your questions through the chat box in Webex AGENDA 3. 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 3 Todays Mobile Development Options Mobile Development Native Mobile Web Hybrid (native & HTML5) Platform (MADP) 4. 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 4 Enterprise Challenges Technical Expertise Application Types Rapid Evolution Landscape Diversity Solution: Open platform Support for SAP and/or 3rd Party Development Tools Platform Services Common App Services W/Reusable Extensions Common device architecture Device Agnostic, Rapid and Agile Platform Updates Open Standards Open and Industry Standard Protocols 5. 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 5 Making mobility enterprise grade Define Build Deploy Provision Administrate Monitor Update Decommission Protect Connect Optimize Mash-up 6. 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 6 Mobile application development for the modern enterprise Business application integration Offline access and synchronization Authentication Data security at rest and during transmission Administration Application versioning and lifecycle management Push notifications Proxy Reporting and analytics Infrastructure Platform Services 80% Application Development 20% 7. 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 7 Custom native applications Hybrid container applications 3rd party tools and frameworks Adaptable Mobile Platform Create Connect Heterogeneous data sources Consume Heterogeneous mobile devices Control Device and server management and security Mobile Business Objects OData Proxy Authentication and Security Dev Tooling SAP Mobile Platform Cache and Synchronization Online Proxy Push Notifications Application Provisioning Packaged applications (SAP and others) Databases Web services Management Console 8. 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 8 Enabling M2Active Best of both worlds OData SDK HTML5/JS Hybrid Apps Object API HTTP API Connectivity Supportability and Configuration Notifications Local Persistence and Cache Mobile Business Objects Synchronization Security 9. APPS LINK PEOPLE & SERVICES User-Centric Enterprise Apps | 9 10. ECONOMICS & USER EXPERIENCE APP DEVELOPMENT 11. OS and device fragmentation Shortage of native developers Manageability and security of mobile initiatives 11 CHALLENGES AND M2ACTIVE OBJECTIVES Standardization and lifecycle management Train existing developers Good user experience Predictable cost levels Productivity tools for multi OS app development 12. THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS 12 13. TO CREATE THE MOST POWERFUL APPS FROM A SINGLE SOURCE 13 14. ARCHITECTURE MODEL M2ACTIVE-SMP Advanced app solutions | 14 15. ACHMEA APP FACTORY Advanced app solutions | 15 Multi-platform development User experience Lifecycle management Back-end data integration Security SAP Mobile Platform (SUP) integration & compatibility Financial services company HQ in The Netherlands 20+ billion Euro revenue 22.000 employees across Europe 13 brands Need: strategic choice to develop and manage B2C and B2E app portfolio and roadmap & 16. ACHMEA APP REFERENCES Advanced app solutions | 16 A selection of examples B2E - Expense claims approval app(s) B2E - Risk analysis app(s) B2C - Pension overview and news app(s) B2C - Damage claims processing app(s) Roadmap 17. OTTO WORKFORCE ENTERPRISE APPS OF ENGAGEMENT International job agency 50+ offices and 10.000+ contractors Until last year used mainly paper based processes to manage its contract staff SAP back-end integration Now: Manage your profile with my OTTO Access to payslips, apply for leave Day/month planning and travel time Communicate with colleagues, on-site employees, account management App Life Platform | 17 CEO Frank van Gool : I want to embrace the contractor community offering them a network for finding and suggesting job opportunities as well as offering education and providing all the enterprise support capabilities required. 18. WHATS NEXT Download the M2Active Connector for SAP leaflet http://www.service2media.com/wp- content/uploads/2012/12/M2Active-OData- Connector-for-SAP.pdf Presentation and demonstration Call: +31 88 010 29 00 Mail: daan.vanderlugt@service2media.com Advanced app solutions | 18 19. Peter Broekroelofs CTO Service2Media Daan van der Lugt Alliances Director Service2Media John M. Wargo Mobile Solution Manager SAP SAP-CONNECTED MOBILE APPS WITH THE APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM Q&A THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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