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Content marketing is still all the rage. And for good reason; it works. But not everyone is doing it right, because it’s not easy. Many organizations fall flat because they fail to define clear goals and don’t know how to measure for success. Producing great content and connecting with an audience is near to impossible if you don’t have customer behavioral data or a proven understanding of their interests. When done right, however, content marketing can transform your business. It can bring you closer to that elusive trifecta of marketing: getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. In this webinar you'll learn: why successful marketers are embracing inbound and content marketing the fundamentals and frameworks to do content marketing hear the 12 steps you need to take to start producing content that meets your organization's goals.


  • 1.Chris Wofford Video Content and Webinar Manager, eCornell YouTube.com/eCornellOnline blog.ecornell.com cwofford@ecornell.com

2. Jesse Noyes Senior Director of Content Marketing, Kapost https://twitter.com/noyesjesse http://marketeer.kapost.com/ 3. Content Marketing: Everybodys Doing itSource: Content Marketing Institute 4. Spending Is On the RiseSource: Webmarketing123 5. Buyers Dont Need YouSource: CBE 6. Moving Marketing from Push to PullOur craft needs to evolve from primarily pushing product to pulling people towards our brand, people, products and services. 7. Leaping Without Looking? 8. Content LandfillsSource: SiriusDecisions 9. 1. A Definition Content marketing is the practice of producing and distributing content to educate, inform and/or entertain buyers. 10. 2. A Strategy Brand Awareness Customer Lead Generation Retention Thought Leadership Engagement Web Traffic Nurturing Sales 10%2013 2012 201130%50%70%90% 11. 3. A StructurePRODUCT MARKETINGMARCOMWEB/SOCIALMARKETING OPSSALESCUSTOMER SUCCESS 12. CONTENTPRODUCT MARKETINGMARCOMWEB/SOCIALMARKETING OPSSALESCUSTOMER SUCCESS 13. 4. A Content Boss 14. 5. An Editorial Board 15. 6. A Content Audit 16. 7. Buyer Personas 17. 8. Ideas 18. 9. A Process 19. 10. Clear Workflows WHATWHOWHEN 20. 11. An Editorial Calendar 21. 12. Intelligent Reporting 22. Rinse and Repeat 23. A Word on Tools 24. Q&A Session 25. Thanks everyone, and stay in touch. Please fill out the survey youll receive via email. ecornell.com/redshift cwofford@ecornell.com