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  • 1. Hope Drummonds Baldwin IT 780 Seminar in Instructional Technology Web 2.0 Presentation
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    • With Google Sites, you can easily create and update your own site. Google Sites allows you to display a variety of information in one placeincluding videos, slideshows, calendars, presentations, attachments, and textand share it for viewing or editing with a small group, an entire organization, or the world. You always control who has access to your site.
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    • Customize your site.
    • Create sub-pages to keep your content organized.
    • Choose page types: webpage, announcements, file cabinet.
    • Have a central location for your web content and offline files.
    • Keep your site as private or public as you'd like.
    • Search across your Google Sites content with Google search technology.
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    • Creating a site with Google Sites is easy, whether you decide to design your own site or build one from our site templates. To get started, sign in at http://sites.google.com then click Create a New Site.
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    • Change How Your Site Looks
    • Controlling Access to a Site
    • Changing Your Site URL
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    • Google Sites has many sites templates for you to use to help you get started quickly with your new site. A Site template has pre-built pages with a design, structure, and content suited to a particular purpose. (You can find out more about each template by hovering over the icon.) If you use a template, you will still be able to change the design, structure and content as you want. Some common site templates are highlighted on the site creation page, or you can click Browse the gallery for more to see more template options.
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    • Once you've decided on the design of your site, you'll need to name your site. This name will also be converted into the default URL for your site. If you want to have a different URL from your site name, change the URL (using only alphanumeric characters) in the box labeled Your site will be located at this URL.
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    • Your site theme creates a consistent look to the pages on your site, such as images used in the header or color schemes on menus.
    • Under the More Options section, you can enter a site description, which gives a brief description of the purpose of your site.
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    • Also under the More Options section, you can decide who you want to be able to see your site. If you want your site to be public, choose the radio button next to Everyone in the world can view this site. If you want you want your site to be private, choose the radio button next to Only people I specify can view this site. If you select for your site to be private, you will need to specify who has access to your site.
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    • If your site will contain content that is only suitable to adults, click the button next to This site contains mature content only suitable for adults.
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    • Once you are happy with your selected options, enter the confirmation code in the box provided (we want to make sure you're not a robot, after all) and click "Create site." Now, you're ready to customize your site design , edit your pages, and most important , have fun with your new site !
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    • http://support.googlesites.com