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  • 1. PBWORKS IN OUR SCHOOL Kelly Meeks
  • 2. BRINGING THE CLASSROOM INTO THE 21ST CENTURY PBWorks Encourages critical thinking and real-world communication for our students. Provides online workspaces that allow students to be engaged outside the classroom. Allows parents to be involved in their childs education. School and classroom resources are always available. Meets National Educational Technology Standards for teachers and students.NET-S standards included on each slide. NET-T standards are listed at the end.
  • 3. PBWORKS IN THE CLASSROOM Classroom Resources are Always Available Schedules, syllabus, policies Class notes PowerPoints and lectures Class work assignments Class practice assignments Homework assignments
  • 4. PBWORKS IN THE CLASSROOM Group Projects Students can use and build collaborative pages Participate in discussions Provide comments and suggestions Can be monitored by the teacher Only approved participants can participate and edit pages
  • 5. PBWORKS IN THE CLASSROOM Student Portfolios Students can be given their own pages for posting their content Students can upload homework Students can share their work with the teacher from anywhere Students can retrieve missing work when absent Absent students can keep up with their work Hospital homebound students can participate with classmates
  • 6. PBWORKS IN THE CLASSROOM Expand Student Horizons Students can share and interact with classmates or groups Students can be. In the classroom Across town At home Around the world
  • 7. PBWORKS IN THE CLASSROOM Parent Outreach Keep parents involved Post assignments Key dates Volunteer lists Surveys Available from home, work, or anywhere
  • 8. PBWORKS IN THE CLASSROOM Cost Basic Edition is free Classroom Edition $99.00 a year Offers more control and security options School logo and colors More storage Campus Edition $799.00 a year Up to 1,000 users Unlimited workspace A workspace for every classroom
  • 9. TEACHER TECHNOLOGY STANDARDSPBWorks in the classroom meets the following NETS-T standards: