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The Inclusive Leadership Program

An experience in inclusive leadership

for all students.

Spring 2016

Are you interested in taking leadership courses for free?

( Application Deadline: April 11, 2016 Return Application to Dr. Michael D’Arcangelo (Eastman 1120); mtdpro@rit.edu OR Sharitta Gross-Smith (Multicultural Center for Academic Support – MCAS; SAU) SharittaF.Gross@rit.edu Applications Due April 11 Monday, April 25, 2016 5:00 PM-8: 15 PM MOSAIC Center, SAU Introduction to Inclusion & Micro- Messaging Wednesday, April 27, 2016 5:15 PM-8: 15 PM Room 2371 Inclusive Behavior Eastman Building and Productivity Sunday, May 1, 2016 6:15 PM -9:00 PM MOSAIC Center, SAU Innovation and Unconscious Bias “ A real leader is not necessarily defined by the direction s/he takes, but also by the number of people following their direction, that s/he sees when looking over their shoulder. ” (Anonymous, 2015). )

Sponsored by the Division of Diversity & Inclusion (DDI)

1. What kind of program is this?

The Inclusive Leadership Program is an inclusive and multicultural leadership program.

2. Why?

As students enter leadership positions, they may be surprised to learn that their biggest organizational challenges lie with “people problems” dealing with:

Motivation & Attitude, Cultural Differences, Identity Issues, Power Differentials.

These very real problems can prevent leaders from attaining very real goals that will make the organization effective.

The Inclusive Leadership Program is being designed by

the Division of Diversity & Inclusion to address these kind of issues.

3. Who is this short series intended for?

Undergraduate or graduate students who are in, OR, aspiring to be in, OR learn more about leadership programs for all students.

Students who are also hungry (dinner is provided at each training session).

4. What is the application process, and what is expected of me?

Students can be self-nominated, OR nominated by a faculty, staff member, or student leader.

Nominator’s should contact the student applicant directly;

the student will then inform us of the nominator’s name on the application (see p. 3)

*Complete the attached application from the web page, and return it to either

Dr. Mike D’Arcangelo or Sharitta Gross-Smith by the morning of April 20, 2016 at Noon.

Applicants should also attach a resume.

*Attend all three sessions.

*Participate in the evaluation sessions at the end of each program.

Participants are asked to:

*Commit to attending all of the educational programs

Participate in assessment session immediately following each educational session.

(Each combined session (educational program and assessment session) will last approximately 2 hours.)

5. What’s in it for me?

Participants will receive:

*Free training, and a certificate of achievement at the completion of the program.

The Inclusive Leadership Program


To be completed by the applicant.


Phone Number: Email:



Year/Major: GPA:

1. With which organizations has the applicant worked? Please indicate the years which the individual has been affiliated with each.

Name of Organization Years

2. What office or other outstanding leadership positions has this applicant held in the community organizations that he/she has worked with and at RIT? Please indicate position, organization name, and years that he/she held these offices.

Office Held Name of Organization Years Held

3. Please describe briefly the applicant’s community service contributions:

4. Food allergies or restrictions:___________________________________________________________

5. References to support the nomination (should ideally include one faculty member, one staff (Adviser) member. References may not include other students or family members).

Name Organization Phone Number

6. On an attached sheet of paper, write a brief essay (not more than 2 pages, double spaced) that addresses the following issue.


In the twenty-first century, people will rely increasingly on the need to lead through interpersonal relationships – challenged by the fact that constituencies and ‘followers’ are increasingly comprised of multiculturally diverse and changing populations. The demographics of these people may include variations by race, ethnicity, gender, transgender, religious affiliation, international status, sexual orientation, veteran status, and so on. Providing a singular effective leadership for these numerous characteristics among groups, team, and other followers is the focal point of the Division of Diversity & Inclusion Multicultural Leadership Certificate program.

In your essay, explain to the program staff those qualities - and at least, one

experience –that you have had which are traits you bring to the program. Then,

describe what you would like to learn from the program: the knowledge and

skills that can make you a more effective leader.

Finally, tell us one issue which you believe affects college students, here at RIT,

or in the world, that you would like to change.

Name of Nominator (Optional. Complete only if student was nominated): _________________________

Nominator’s contact number/email: _______________

Return this form with the applicant’s resume (if s/he has one) to either:

Sharitta Gross- Smith, M.S.

MCAS; SAU Mezzanine Level; sfgoce@rit.edu; Phone: 585-475-4548

Mike D’Arcangelo, Ph. D.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion; 1129 Eastman; mtdpro@rit.edu; Phone: 585-475-2224

Collaborators from the Division of Diversity and Inclusion:

David Benitez, M.S.

Liz Bremer, Ed. D

Michael D’Arcangelo, Ph. D.

Kate Torrey, M.S.

Tomicka Wagstaff, Ed. D.

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