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Enjoy this Slideshow detailing the latest in Web Design Trends for 2014! View more info at http://www.ds6.net


  • 1.Web Trends for 2014 May 15th, 2014

2. Parallax 3. Agenda: 1) Parallax Scrolling 2) Flat Design/UI 3) Lazy Loading 4. Parallax Scrolling Parallax refers to a scrolling technique in computer graphics, where multiple layers give the user a feeling of depth. 5. Improved User Experience Increased Site Visit Duration Increased User Engagement Why Use Parallax? 6. Examples www.tridentpp.com www.madwell.com www.puma.com/mobium/ 7. Flat Design 8. Flat Design Flat design refers to a style of interface design which removes any stylistic choices that give the illusion of three-dimensions (such as drop shadows, gradients, or textures) and is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors. 9. Because its awesome. Trendy Simple = efficient Why Use Flat Design? 10. Examples Flat UI 11. Lazy Loading 12. Lazy Loading Lazy Loading refers to transition effects on certain web elements that only take place when the element comes into user view. 13. Why Use Lazy Loading Improved Site Speed & Efficiency Definite Wow factor Also, because its awesome. 14. Examples www.chart.js www.sidigital.co