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1. BauhOz Solutionshhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 2. About UsBauhoz is the most prominent IT and SEOservices provider. It offers a team ofprofessional and skilled experts that knowhow to help businesses in maximizing theirreturns and in speeding up businessexpansion on the web. It also helps yourbusinesss website to gain more trafficthrough efficient SEO services.hhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 3. Our ServicesWeb Services in San Jose, CASocial Media Services in San Jose, CASearch Services in San Jose, CACreative Services in San Jose, CAhhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 4. Web ServicesThe web development services in San Jose,California that BauhOz offers are wellacknowledged for their supremacy among ahuge group of clients. The corporation has acrew of sophisticated and expert webdevelopers that uses contemporarymarketing methods.hhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 5. Social Media ServicesBauhOz is a primary IT company that providesservices of social media optimization in SanJose, California. It owns a team ofprofessionals who work dedicatedly bymerging technology, marketing strategy anddesign to resolve business problems.hhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 6. Search ServicesBauhoz offers competent and innovativesearch engine optimization services that canhelp you to drive more audience and valuedcustomers to your business.hhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 7. Creative ServicesBauhOz is one of the most trusted companiesfor creative services in San Jose, CA. It offerssolutions such as online reputationmanagement; brand ring-fencing and socialCRM.hhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 8. SEOhhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 9. SEOhhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 10. SMOhhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 11. WEB DESIGNhhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 12. WEB DESIGNINGhhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 13. Brand Makerhhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 14. Brand Makerhhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coomm 15. hhtttptp:/://w/wwwww.b.baauuhhoozz.c.coommThank You