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Insights Digital presented "Web Analytics for Startups" at an Ultra Light Startup panel in early 2009.


  • 1. Web Analytics for Startups Presented at UltraLight StartupFebruary 2009

2. Startups have different requirements depending on the type of startup, but they all need Analytics 3. Types of Analytics Information Startups need A Startup may want to know traffic and engagement, whether there is press or buzz about the product. For those startups that have a user community, engagement, and depth of engagement metrics are important. Must Have Free tools to build Communitysuch as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, Meetups, Seesmic, YouTube, Google Analytics, Yahoo! Analytics Could Have tools such as HitWise,Compete, Comscore, Nielsen, Ranking Software Nice to Have Social IntelligenceExamples Web Analytics, SEO Friendly Site, GoodQuality Links, BUZZ for your Startup Examples Competitive Intelligence, Constant Updates on Site, Mobile Analytics, Visitor Database Examples Social Media Analytics such as Techrigy SM2, Radian6, Buzzmetircs, Buzzlogic and Competitive Benchmark data Marshall Sponder, Leticia E. Colon, Elena Haliczer. 4. Analytics Solutions by Business Model and Size of Startup Startups can begin with ASP free tools but privacy issues may require a Hosted Solution where the business owns the data fully. 5. How much to spend on Analytics? Theres not much research Breaking down Spend byCompany or Startup Size, butIt would make an Interesting Research Study. Generally speaking, the more Reporting requirements and Stakeholders, the moreInfrastructure, support and Expense needed. 6. Analytics by Startup Type Theres little written about this; But logic dictates a companyGoing public will have additional fiduciaryResponsibilities and privacy issues. Not sure if how a startup isFunded matters much in terms of what Analytics solutions are employed. 7. About Insights Digital

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