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  1. 1. Virtual Reality Beyond Gaming WE16 Lightning Talk
  2. 2. Elizabeth Dabbs Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton B.S. in Computer Science, Art minor College of William & Mary - Web development : responsiveness, modernization, accessibility - Rapid Prototyping - Content Management Systems - Animation - Computer Graphics - Human-Computer Interaction Interests
  3. 3. Virtual Reality (VR) is a set of technologies that are aimed at fooling your senses into believing that youre in a different environment than the real world - Kim Pallister
  4. 4. The illusion that we are present where we are not 1931 1965 1962 1911 1939-
  5. 5. Current Technology
  6. 6. How does virtual reality work? Technical Challenges VR is taxing for a computer
  7. 7. VR @ Booz Allen Hamilton - Tour of the human circulatory system - Informative heads-up-display - See the bodys vessels and heart through a virtual nanobot - Gaze-based speed controls - Studio-quality narration and sound CelluVR
  8. 8. 3D Hospital Immersive training and exploratory analysis simulation of a hospital environment. - Head tracking technology to quickly explore the model for trends using different viewing perspectives - Configurable simulation models patient flow and contaminants within an enclosed environment - Easy to adjust staffing levels and treatment protocols
  9. 9. We do it all with
  10. 10. What else could VR be used for? Glen Keane Disney Animator for 38 years. Worked on Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Tarzan, Pocahontas,
  11. 11. Your turn! How could virtual reality disrupt each of these industries? What other fields could use virtual reality to solve complex problems?
  12. 12. Thank you!