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  • weSTEM

    Lessons in Leadership & Influencewe16 Philadelphia | GradSWE @ Illinois | Anna Oldani

  • Why?



  • Why?



    To inspire and empower women in STEM

  • Why?



    By addressing the needs of your community

  • Why?


    What?Creation of intentional spaces for women to succeed

  • Who are you?

  • Who are we?GradSWE @ Illinois

    To promote diversity in graduate education in engineering and science to enable innovative and creative solutions to the future technical challenges of society

  • One of 10+ Illinois SWE committees

    Programming to enhance graduate student experience

    Mentoring and development opportunities

  • women empowered in STEM beINSPIRED, stayMOTIVATED, growPASSIONATE

  • weSTEM Flagship event - from

    50 to 150+ attendees

    Share experiences and provide insight

    Empower students to pursue unique paths


  • Be Inspired

  • Develop a Community

    Assess current and future needs of your peers

    Communicate with target group

    Identify unique opportunities

    Seek out resources

    Partner with established groups

  • Design your Future

    Create intentional spaces for graduate women to succeed

    Structure programming to

    Address needs Professional Personal Academic

    Fit constraints Timing Size Cost

  • Stay Motivated

  • Discover new Potential

    Build the right mix to connect with participants

    Bring speakers who

    Highlight diversity of thought & background

    Connect through personal experiences

    Engage in new discussions

  • Devise aStrategy

    Structure the environment to fit your priorities

    Tell a story Chronological Situational

    Build a format Panel discussions Dual-track talks Breakout time

  • Dual TrackTalks

  • BreakoutSessions

  • PanelGroups

  • Grow Passionate

  • Defy the Perception

    Provide insight through personal experiences

  • Draw on Supporters

    Build strategic relationships with academia and industry

  • Breakout sessions seemed too short

    I was really hungry for dinner

    Not a big fan of social networking hour

    Afternoon giant cookies put everyone to sleep!

    Decipher Feedback

  • There are a lot of good conversations that need to happen that happen at weSTEM

    An inspirational, relaxing atmosphere in which networking was easy and natural

    It does a great job of providing mentors, a network, and of inspiring its attendees

    This was a highly interactive and incredibly organized conference

    Decipher Feedback

  • Thank you.