we all have differences…but we are still apart of the same family

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We all have differencesbut we are still apart of the same family. . Talking about ancestors. . What is an ancestor? . Ancestors . Pair and Share. Talk to a neighbor about Where your ancestors come from? What you know about ancestors? . An ancestor is. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


We all have differencesbut we are still apart of the same family.

We all have differencesbut we are still apart of the same family. Talking about ancestors. 1Ancestors

What is an ancestor? Anticipatory set// purpose statement 2Talk to a neighbor aboutWhere your ancestors come from?What you know about ancestors? Pair and ShareNow tell me. Call on two students 3A person from whom one is descended, especially from several generations ago.

An ancestor isWhat do you think that is? (call on a student) This means your parents, parents, parents. These are the people who lived before you. Our ancestors come from hundreds of years ago. Many of our ancestors we not originally from Americadid you know that? 4One who moves permanently to another country from his or her native land.

What is an Immigrant? Our ancestors originated, originated means came from originally, other places around the world. That means that our ancestors who moved to America from different places around the world are considered immigrants. That letter I sent home last week asked you to find out some facts about where your ancestors came from and many of you responded. I put together a few slides that highlight those students ancestors. You are going to notice that some of them are from other countries which makes them what? (An immigrant!) Great! I also included some pictures that represent the cultures our ancestors came from. You will notice many cultural differences that are represented by our students families. Also, just so you know, Im only going to talk about the cultures that you probably dont know that much about so if you see your family history up here and I dont have many pictures to go with it, thats because its probably a culture we are familiar and not very different than the ones we know about. 5Places in which Jysaiha's ancestors originated from are:Marion, InKentuckyTennesseeTexasHartford City, InBut the coolest place is. Jysaiha6IRELAND!

One of Jysaihs ancestors, his Great Grandpa Albert, came Ireland which is really far away! What does that make Jysaihs great grandpa if he came to America from another country? (an immigrant) The culture of Ireland is pretty similar to the United states, but I pick out something that I think are interesting. This is the Irish flag, which looks totally different from our flag. The second picture is of one of the many houses in Ireland that are built into hills, Ireland is very hilly so many of the building are built right into the hills. This is a picture of a St. Patrick's Day celebration which takes place on March 17th. We celebrate that holiday here, but it was originally celebrated in Ireland! The celebration is in honor and memory of St. Patrick who is the patron saint of Ireland. The last picture is on some girls doing Irish Clog Dancing, which is very different from our tap, hip-hop and ballet. 7Aidens family originated fromEnglandSpainGermanyIrelandScotlandSome of his ancestors are also Native America

FUN FACT: One of Aidens ancestors was aAidenBeing a Native American means that they were the first people to live in Americaso they are not immigrants! The rest of Aidens ancestors were probably considered immigrants though. 8Being a knight is a huge honor.Knight in England!

Around the time when Aidens ancestor was a Knight it meant that he was a person who fought in war for his country which was England. This is picture of what Aidens ancestor might have looked like in a knights uniform. We dont really have anything like that in America do we? Also, there is a picture of the flag of England. Do me a favor, who can tell me who is in charge of the United States? (President Obama) Did you know that over in England they have a Queen? 9Queen Elizabeth

This is the Queen, Queen Elizabeth. She is in charge of all of England. So thats something different as well, we dont have kings and queens in America. 10Kemanis family started right here in Marion.

FUN FACT: Her uncle was Thomas ShippKemani

Kemanis family has some rich ancestral history in it. Her uncle was Thomas Shipp who was the last documented African American man to be killed during the time of segregation right here in Marion. This is an old newspaper from the night that happened in 1930. 11Davids ancestors are fromKentuckyOhioMississippiMissouriGas City, Indiana

FUN FACT: Davids grandfather picked cotton in Missouri and David's dad helped him sometimes. David

We dont see many cotton fields in this part of Indian do we? 12The Ancestors of Mrs. Johnson and Luke are fromOklahoma Ireland

AndMrs. Johnson and Luke13Germany!

Guten Tag= Good afternoon in German

Germany is in Europe. Here is a picture of Germanys flag. In Germany they speak German. To say good Afternoon in German sound like guten tag. What do you think is the most popular sport in America? Well in Germany its car racing, so that is why I also have a picture of a race car. 14Evelyns ancestors are originally from GermanyIrelandPolandNorway AndEvelynSweden!

This is Swedens flag. A fun fact about Sweden is that during the month of July they shut down all the shops and business in certain towns so that people can have a summer holiday. I also have a picture of a bicycle because the first ever breaks for a bicycle were invented in Sweden in 1892. 16Khadijas ancestors are fromTurkeySaudi Arabia And KhadijaIndonesia!

This is the flag of Indonesia. Dancing in Indonesia is also not like Jazz, or ballet in America, the people of Indonesia practice Ancient Tribal Dancing. There are over 3000 different types of Tribal dancing and you are considered to be very talented if you participate in this type of dance. The Martial Arts are also very popular. 18His family originates fromGermanyIreland EnglandAlso some of his ancestors were Native Americans as well. Lucas

Lucas family members come from places that we have already talked about. But, from the description he wrote in his parent letter I can guess that his ancestors who were native Americans lived in an area where the common houses were adobes which is what this is a picture of. 19CamRauns family came fromCaliforniaGeorgiaIndianaIndiana Germany CamRaun

We have already talked about these places as well. But here is a picture of the map of California as well as California's state flag. Here is a picture of Indianas state flag. Even the flag within the US are different arent they. 20His ancestors are from Michigan! Kyle

His ancestors are Michiganwhich is where I am from! So there is a picture of me and my best friends at a University of Michigan football game! 21My ancestors are fromGermanyItaly Miss. Maraugha

My ancestors are from Germany and Italy. This is a picture of the Italian Flag. I dont know too much about my ancestors but I do know that I had a great-great- grandfather who was an immigrant from Italy. Sadly, we never heard his story in enough detail to put all the information together, but I put together something called a Google Teck which shows the story of an Italian immigrant and what it would have been like for him to come to America in 1920. Lets take a look at that! 22

Any questions so far?Any questions so far? 23A person, plant, or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor.

What is a descendant?What do you think it means to be a descendant? This is a person, plant, or animal that is descended from a particular ancestor. That means that you are a descendant of your ancestors. Years from now you are going to have children and someday they are going to have children and then someday they are going to have children. Anyone who follows after you in your specific family is a descendantwhich means that you are going to be their ancestor. Does that make sense?

24My name is (insert YOUR name here) and I am your ancestor. An ancestor is someone who

Then write aboutWhere you are fromWhat your school is likeWhat your favorite food is What you like to do in your free timeHow old you are. Specific things about your familyEtc. Dear future descendant,


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