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World Connection Agency artist roster for Dutch Jazz & World Meeting. part of our active artist roster of available artists for 2013 -2014


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    ARTIST ROSTER 2013/2014

    World Connection Agency is an international bookings agency and artist management office based in Haarlem & Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was founded in 2002 and is working

    since with promoters, venues and festivals in more than 50 countries worldwide. We book a

    wide variety of artist from around the globe. Here is part of our active artist-roster which

    focuses on Jazz, Soul, Old School Hip Hop, Afro Beat, Salsa, Latin Jazz & World Jazz:

    NTJAM ROSIE (Cameroon/ Netherlands) Nu-Soul/ Nu- Jazz/ Soul-Jazz Ntjam Rosie embodies the new generation of Africans in Europe. Originally from

    Cameroon, but living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her latest album Elle has

    received acclaimed reviews with the Dutch press and has been recently released

    in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    Latest cd : Elle Coast To Coast/ Q-rious Music/ World Connection

    Line up : 6/7 on stage & 2 crew

    Based in : Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    www : www.ntjamrosie.com

    Touring period : whole year available.

    Territory : EUROPE except The Netherlands Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

    BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR (USA/GHANA) Old School Hip Hop/Afro Beat/Funk & Jazz Blitz and his band, the Embassy Ensemble, pack a brilliant fusion of styles. You

    can hear late-80s hip-hop alongside contemporary African soukous and highlife,

    as well as echoes of Afrobeat artists such as Fela Kuti. In the last tours, after

    showcasing successfully WOMEX, SXSW and Les Transmusicales de Rennes, he

    performed over 70 European festival & club shows in 2011/ 2012.

    Latest cd : Native Sun (Jakarta Records, may 2011), New album 2013

    Line up : 7 on stage & 2 crew

    Based in : New York/ USA

    www : http://vimeo.com/channels/blitz

    Touring period: March to August 2013

    Territory : NORTHERN EUROPE (BeNeLux, Scandinavia, Baltics, UK) Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

    GABY MORENO (USA) Blues/Soul/Retro/Singer-Songwriter Moreno can sound sweet & serenading but she will turn it up & make the folks in the

    last row feel like theyre sitting in the front LA Weekly. After releasing 2 successful

    albums on World Connection Label Gaby Moreno just released her 3rd


    Postales on the Metamorphosis label. Last summer she completed her 3rd

    European tour and played festival such as Dranouter Folk Fest and Jazz A Vienne

    and venues such a North Sea Jazz Cub and Moods Zurich.

    Latest cd : Postales (released in USA/ Lat. Am. 4th of September 2012)

    Line up : 4 on stage & 1 crew

    Based in : Los Angeles, USA / Germany

    www : www.gaby-moreno.com

    Touring period: Oct-nov 2012 / March 2013 / May 2013/ Late July- early Aug 2013

    Territory : EUROPE / MIDDLE EAST/ NORTH AFRICA Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

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    FATOUMATA DIAWARA (Mali/France) "A gorgeous woman with small explosive expressions in emotional songs and

    dances. Her star is rising, all in the footsteps of Rokia Traore" NRC- NL. Fatoumouta

    Diawara is getting rave reviews for her new debut album on World Circuit and amazes crowds at all the festivals and clubs she is performing. A true star of African


    Latest cd : 19th

    of September 2011 on World Circuit Line up : 5 on stage & 2 crew

    Based in : Paris, France

    www : www.myspace.com/fatoumatadiawara

    Touring period: February/ March 2013 + Summer 2013

    Territory : BeNeLux , SCANDINAVIA(non exclusive) Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

    MARTA GOMEZ (Colombia/USA/Argentina) Latin American Folk & Singer Songwriter Singer songwriter originally from Colombia but now residing in Barcelona, Latin

    American songwriting at its best. She performed all over the globe and recorded

    over 5 albums.

    Latest cd : El Corazon y El Sombrero released in May 2011

    Line up : 5 on stage & 2 crew

    Based in : Barcelona, ES

    www : www.martagomez.com

    Touring period: 2013/ 2014 whole year available.

    Territory : EUROPE/MIDDLE EAST/ NORTH AFRICA Agent : irene@worldconnectionagency.nl

    MALIKA ZARRA (Morroco/France/ USA) Berber Jazz & World Jazz

    Malika Zarra is an extraordinary voice and blends Berber music with Jazz. She sings

    in Berber, Arabic, French and English.

    Latest cd : Berber Jazz on Motema Records

    Line up : 5 on stage & 1 crew

    Based in : New York USA/ Paris France

    www : www.malikazarra.com/

    Touring period: whole year available upon request/ April 2013

    Territory : EUROPE / MIDDLE EAST/ NORTH AFRICA Agent : irene@worldconnectionagency.nl

    BLICK BASSY (Cameroon/ France) African Soul & Jazz / CAB PROJECT ( Caraibes-Afrique- Brazil)

    With a brand new cd recorded in Brazil with the likes of Marcos Suzano and Lenine, Blick keeps surprising us with his intense vocal abilities and soulful- jazzy melodies. New African Soul at its best.

    Latest cd : Hongo Calling - May 2011 on World Connection

    Line up : 4 on stage & 2 crew / 4 on stage + 1 crew (Jazz combo)

    Based in : Paris, France

    www : www.myspace.com/blickbassy2

    Touring period: whole year upon request

    Territory : WORLD WIDE Label : World Connection

    Agent : irene@worldconnectionagency.nl

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    ALINE FRAZO (Angola/ Spain/ Portugal) Afro Soul/Lusophone Singer Songwriter/Bossa Nova Aline Frazao a young and inspiring singer-song writer with Angolan Roots living in Spain.

    She just auto-released her debut album and is the promise for Lusophone music and the

    Afro influences Jazzy Singer Songwriter style already captured the attention of artists like


    Latest cd : Clave Bantu / new album in spring 2013

    Line up : 3 on stage & 1 crew

    Based in : Lisbon & Santiago de Compostela, Spain

    www : www.alinefrazao.com

    Touring period: whole year 2013

    Territory : EUROPE (exept Spain, Portugal) Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

    AMIRA KHEIR (Sudan/ Italy/ UK) Sudani Jazz & Vocal Jazz Drawing upon traditional Sudanese chants, vocal styles and rhythmic patterns

    coupled with the ability to sing in English, Arabic & Italian, Amira is a truly diverse

    vocalist with a captivating and powerful sound, whether performing her original

    music or reinterpreting old spirituals and jazz classics.

    Latest cd : View from Somewhere Sterns Distr.

    Line up : 4 on stage & 1 crew

    Based in : London, UK

    www : http://amirakheir.com/

    Touring period: whole year 2013

    Territory : EUROPE (ex. UK) Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

    NINA ATTAL (France) Blues- Soul n Funk

    Nina Attal is a true discovery. Playing the blues guitar, leading her own band, composing,

    singing, performing and recording at a leading label in France at the age of just 19!. A true

    revelation in Funky Blues n Soul music. A highlight at many jazz festivals.

    Latest cd : Yellow 6/17 2011, on PIAS

    Line up : 5 or 7 on stage & 1 crew

    Based in : Paris, France

    www : www.ninaattal.com

    Touring period: whole year 2013

    Territory : BeNeLux (exclusive) + Scandinavia/Baltic States (non exclusive) Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

    TAMIKREST (Mali) The Spiritual sons of Tinariwen. Sahara Rock & Desert Blues at its very best.

    Latest cd : Toumastin Glitterhouse Rec./ new cd in 2013.

    Line up : 8 on stage & 2 crew

    Based in : Timbuktu, Mali

    www : www.tamikrest.net/en

    Touring period : December 2012 + Jan/Feb 2013 + Summer 2013

    Territory : Netherlands Only (*collab with La Candela) Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

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    MULATO ASTATKE (Ethiopia/ UK) Ethio Jazz & Film Score Music

    The Grandmaster of Ethio-Jazz is back on the road in 2013 with a new release on


    Latest cd : Steps Ahead Strut / new cd to be released in 2013

    Line up : 8 on stage & 2 crew

    Based in : Ethiopia/ UK

    www : www.myspace.com/mulatuastatke

    Touring period: Whole year 2013 various periods

    Territory : Netherlands only (*collab with 2 For The Road Prod.) Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl

    HINDI ZAHRA (Morocco/France) Singer Songwiter/ Blues

    Meet Hindi Zahra and her original gently undulating sense of melody. With a subtle,

    understated guitar accompaniment, a dash of gypsy guitar between the lines.

    Latest cd : Hand Made on EMI/ Blue Note

    Next Cd : Until The Next Journey EP/ New full album expected in 2013

    Line up : 5 on stage & 2 crew

    Based in : Paris, France

    www : www.hindi-zahra.com/

    Touring period: as from May 2013

    Territory : Netherlands Only Agent : bartolo@worldconnectionagency.nl


    GILBERTO SANTA ROSA (Puerto Rico) On of the greatest vocalist and biggest name in Salsa today. Filling

    stadiums and arenas in Latin America and the USA, selling out large

    venues year after year in Europe. Multiple Grammy & Latin Grammy

    winner. In 2012 Gilberto Santa Rosa played 16 sold out shows in Europe.

    Latest cd : Gilberto S