WBC-INCO.NET The INCO-NET Initiative for the Western Balkan Countries

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WBC-INCO.NET The INCO-NET Initiative for the Western Balkan Countries. Elke Dall , Zentrum fr Soziale Innovation Steering Platform Ljubljana , 13 June 2008. Context. WBC-INCO.NET Objectives. Structuring and supporting S&T bi-regional dialogue, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    The INCO-NET Initiative for the Western Balkan CountriesElke Dall, Zentrum fr Soziale InnovationSteering PlatformLjubljana, 13 June 2008

  • Context

  • WBC-INCO.NET ObjectivesStructuring and supporting S&T bi-regional dialogue,Developing concrete research priorities of mutual interest (with a special focus on FP7 priority fields),Supporting and transferring know-how to research community and NCPs,Generating new thematic calls to foster the knowledge base of WBCs,Enhancing production and use of knowledge based indicators, Creating a base for the further preparation of participation in multilateral RTD activities,Increasing competitiveness and networking, etc.

  • Partners in WBC-INCO.NET

  • Partners in WBC-INCO.NETWBC-Ministries

  • Partners in WBC-INCO.NETWBC-MinistriesEU-MS/AC-Ministries

  • Partners in WBC-INCO.NETWBC-MinistriesWBC- Support InstitutesEU-MS/AC Support Inst.EU-MS/AC-Ministries

  • Partners in WBC-INCO.NETWBC-MinistriesWBC- Support InstitutesEU-MS/AC Support Inst.EU-MS/AC-Ministries

  • Workpackages

  • Highlighted activities and resultsSupport to the Steering Platform meeting (currently in dialogue with colleagues from France and Czech Republic)Regional S&T policy meetings (organised by Montenegrin partners) with a proposal for Paris focussing on regional coordination in IPA issuesInformation exchange with Directorates Generals other than DG Research (DG ELARG, DG INFSO, DG TREN, DG Education, etc.) with a current focus on DG Enterprise (CIP) and DG Enlargement (IPA)Information exchange with other multilateral initiatives (e.g. international stakeholders such as OECD, UNESCO, Worldbank, etc., relevant ERA-NETs and other CSAs) with a current focus on OECD, ERA-NETs and CSAs dealing with priority setting (BAFN, SCORE)

  • Highlighted activities and resultsMethodolgy and Guidelines for S&T priority setting as a deliverable already available by UNU-MERIT and JRC-IPTS includes proposals for foresight activities and stakeholder workshopsPriority setting for WBC-INCO.NET to start with certain topics for systematic development of common regional prioritiesFood, Agriculture, Fisheries and BiotechnologiesInformation and Communication TechnologiesEnvironmentHealthTransportSpecific approach for each of the themes with stakeholder consultation in October 2008 / June 2009 will result in defined priorities for these themes

  • Highlighted activities and resultsAnalysis of workprogrammes on WBC priorities (yearly)Analysis of cooperation patterns (results end 2009)Barriers to RTD cooperation (results beginning 2009)Access to research infrastructures (results end 2008)Analysis of national S&T policies towards global issues (deliverable on the methodology already provided)

  • Highlighted activities and resultsTraining events for researchers (events in Belgrade and Sarajevo held at the beginning of May 2008, 2 more events planned)Peer Review for S&T statistics (second half 2008)Training for finance managers (end of 2008)Support to S&T Information System (2009/2010)Brokerage events and Awareness raising sessions (starting 2009)Benchmarking of NCPs (results available in 2009) and NCP support activities (starts 2009 after ERA WESTBALKAN+)Information activities through wbc-inco.net website, information newsletters (journal, e-mail-newsletter), brochure (ongoing)

  • Thank you for your attention!

    Elke DallCentre for Social InnovationLinke Wienzeile 246A-1150 Wiendall@zsi.at+43-1-4950442-62+43-699-10869251

    In the last two years, several initiatives have impacted on progress of S&T relations between WBC and EU, WBC-INCO.Net takes into account:Steering PlatformHighest political level of coordination but limited implementation capacityMeetings held in Vienna, Berlin and Thessalonikinext meeting will be held in Slovenia on June 13, 2007 priority of the Slovenian EU presidency!Information Office of the Steering Platform Terminates in April 2008 No transition conflict- both are coordinated by the ZSISEE-ERA.NET almost all partners of SEE-ERA.NET are also partners of WBC-INCO.NetTaken into account when drafting and calculating the proposalLooking for synergies in developing common dissemination strategies, use of priority setting exercise, etc.Specific Support and Coordination ActionsERA WESTBALKAN and ERA WESTBALKAN +SEE-INNOVATION, IS2WEB, SCOREBalkan Agro Food Network, EU-FAB-NET

    Future of Balkans lies in Europe

    26 partners in the project from the region and important institutions such as ministries, agencies, research institutes from outside the regionALL ministries from the WBC integrated in the projectBosnia Ministry for Civil Affairs having the national responsibility for scienceMinistries from European Union Member States such as Austria, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Bulgaria as well as Turkey, an important actor in many INCO-NET projects and especially in this regionInstitutes to support the activities in the region National Contact Point organisation in BIh, Mihailo Pupin Institute, etc.Further operational institutions from other countrieshighlighting: National Contact Point organisations and agencies e.g. DLR from Germany (represented in all 6 inco-nets), FFG from Austria (coordinating institution of ERA WESTBALKAN projects), representations in Brussels such as TURBO and SBRA and MERIT and JRC-IPTS as institutions setting the European Standards anda specific qualified institution SEERC for quality assurance of all deliverables

    Coordinator, a non-profit research institute which provies analytical capacities and competences as well as strong networking capacities experience with the coordination of see-science.eu project as well as SEE-ERA.NET, involved in SCORE, IS2WEB, SEE INNOVATION, active in the region in close cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and ResearchQuick overview, so that you know how we structured our work and mainly whom to ask for if specific issues which Im going to present in the following are of interest Prof.dr Sreten kuletic Vice Rector for International Relations University of Montenegro Cetinjski put bb 81000 Podgorica MONTENEGRO Tel. + 382 81 241 777 or 241 888 Fax. + 382 81 242 301 e-mail: skuletic@cg.ac.yu


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