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  • 8/14/2019 Ways to Protect our Good Deeds


    Ways to Protect our Good Deeds

    1. When speaking in person or through telephone with somebody regarding third person we

    should refrain from saying anything bad about that person. Because If we say what is

    really in him it will be backbiting & if we say something that is not in him It will be

    accusing him falsely sin of which is greater than Ghibat.2. We should not utter any bad word because children will learn it whatever we say.

    3. We shouldnt argue with anybody because argument is a cause of loss of Allahs


    4. We should not curse anybody; only ask forgiveness for that person, Allah is most


    5. We shouldnt dishonored anybody because, keep remember that dishonoring a Muslim

    carry a sin greater than demolishing kaba seven times.

    6. We should conceal our brothers fault because Allah will conceal our fault.

    7. We should avoid jealousy or wants somebodys bad because these acts demolish all our

    good action like razor shave our.

    8. We should show our best behavior to other especially in front of children because they

    like to imitate our action more than what we say him not to do.

    9. We should be satisfied with whatever favor Allah has bestowed up on us otherwise we

    will be ungrateful to His blessing we are enjoying.

    10. We always look and mix with people whom Allah gave less niamot so that we can show

    gratitude to the niamot that Allah has given us.

    11. If we show our gratefulness to his blessing Allah will increase his niamot.

    12. We should seek Allahs help with patience and Salah in any situation.

    13. Allah has given two eyes to everyone; we should look others good with one eye and our

    own fault with other eye.

    14. Any action we do we should do it only to get the pleasure of Allah.15. We should always remember our death and prepare for hereafter.

    16. We should not waste time by useless conversation with others.

    17. Cleanliness is half of the faith; we should keep the bathroom clean & dry after use.

    18. We should keep silent as much as possible so that we can stay away from sin

    19. We should guard our tongue from its improper use.

    20. We should Fear Allah always.

    21. We should protect our haya (shame) all the time other wise Nafs make us do all the sin

    22. We should protect our eye from seeing anything unlawful.

    23. We should control our anger in any situation and refrain from hitting other.

    24. We should use Hikma when talking to others or advising other.

    25. We should always keep the honor of Muslim in our mind.26. We should show our children the best example by following the Sunnah of the prophet

    of Allah.

    27. We should avoid pride or the attitude that I am better than others always because only

    for this reason Iblis was deprived from Allah.

    28. We should keep in our mind other peoples right.

    29. We should respect elders, dead people.

    30. We should not blame anybody.

  • 8/14/2019 Ways to Protect our Good Deeds


    31. We should not quarrel with each other.

    32. If we pray salat with proper devotion & concentration it will prevent us from all type of

    lewdness and inequity.

    33. We should do a plenty of Zikr of Allah so that our heart will clean and will be obedient

    to Allahs commandment.

    34. We should live a very simple life.35. WE should make a lot of dua to Allah.

    36. We should know our individual responsibility that Allah has given us related to any

    situation and fulfill its right.

    37. We should not violet any trust that was given to us by Allah.

    38. WE should inculcate good character in our children.

    39. We should always keep faith in our destiny that all good and bad are only coming from

    Allah based on our action/ amal.

    40. We should not compare with any people to whom Allah has given more niamot than us

    otherwise we will be ungrateful to him

    41. We should sincerely repent for our sin & promise not to repeat it, Allah will forgive

    even someones sin is equal to the Ocean.

    42. When we are Fasting and someone come to me to quarrel, I should tell him that I am

    fasting if he is sane person if not we should remind ourselves that I am fasting. (It is not

    proper to quarrel for a fasting person or nonfasting person.)