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  • Writing an essay requires great attention and also skill. The reader must be pleased after reading the essay, for that many things have to consider. Writing an essay without any error is one of the foremost element to consider. Here we point out a few errors that commonly happen while writing an essay and ways to fix those errors.

  • Details: A thesis is the aggregate of the argument in the essay in a single sentence.

    Solution: Put the thesis statement in the last part of the opening paragraph. No thesis statement

  • Details: Summing up is always necessary in essay writing.

    Solution: Put in an additional small paragraph to the end of the paper abbreviating what have been mentioned. No conclusion was given

  • Details: Commas are normally used in a succession of nouns and two discrete two clauses in a sentence.

    Solution: Glance through the essay just for commas, after that extract needless commas and put in crucial ones. Improper use of commas

  • Details: Plagiarism is when you copy another person's writing, statement, passage and use it as your own.

    Solution: Document any citation and all statements that are used in the essay with either footnotes or internal credentials.Plagiarism

  • Details: Frequently, people make spelling mistakes in their essays, and lose easy points.

    Solution: Carry out an inspection of the essay merely for spelling.Spelling mistakes

  • Details: One of the frequent mistakes is misplacing semi-colon, colon, period, or even participles.

    Solution: Inspection the essay exclusively for punctuation.Punctuation mistakes

  • Details: Essays, just as buildings, requires structure. They require an opening, middle and conclusion.

    Solution: Craft a summary for the essay. Go along with it!Not having a structure

  • Details: When an essay talks about the consistent idea in every single paragraph, it limits on boredom and recurrence.

    Solution: Make certain every paragraph has a distinctive center of attention. Make use of the summary. Repetition

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