Ways To Determine Whether Or Not You Suffer From Anxiety

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  1. 1. Ways To Determine Whether Or Not You Suffer From AnxietySince the symptoms of anxiety can have serious consequences if untreated, it's wise to be familiarwith them. Anxiety mostly increases over time, but starts off in small ways. The minor symptomsshould be treated early before they get worse. You should know the common symptoms of anxiety, sothat is what we will cover mostly in this article.One of the most common symptoms of anxiety is fatigue or feeling tired much of the time. In caseyou tend to have trouble sleeping and suffer from insomnia, this will only intensify your fatiguebecause you are not getting enough sleep. Nevertheless, even those who get sufficient sleep, if theysuffer from anxiety disorder, may still be lethargic. In essence, when you are anxious you worry a lotmore than usual. This puts a strain on both your body and your nervous system. As a result, youbecome listless and tired. If you have been suffering from extreme tiredness for a while, go see yourdoctor. If he or she cannot find a physical reason, you need to consider anxiety or stress as theproblem. If you take the time to learn relaxation techniques you can regain your energy. When youkeep playing the same old worries over and over in your mind, your body becomes fatigued. Incertain situations people will experience anxiety or fear. If you have this in an extreme case it maybe a phobia, which can really affect your life and cause a lot of disturbance for you. Phobias arenormally specific to one thing like elevators, heights or snakes. You can have a mild anxiety, a fullblown panic attack or anything in between. Because it is hard to avoid fears like a social phobia or aphobia of open spaces, it can be a big problem for people as they cannot avoid it. All you need to dois seek help if you have a phobia that is making your life difficult because there are so manytreatments for phobias.Physical tension that is stored in your body can actually play a role in how much tension you actuallyfeel and experience everyday.Physical symptoms on your body from your anxiety levels can definitely be high and give youmigraines and other physical maladies. Stress and anxiety are definitely part of the overall picture inregard to why TMJ and other anxiety symptoms arise. Stiff necks, teeth grinding, and othersymptoms are found with those that suffer from anxiety inspired TMJ on the body. You may want tosee a dentist if you have had damage on your jaw that needs correction.
  2. 2. There are such a variety of symptoms of anxiety that we've only been able to address a small numberof them in this article. Do you worry a lot about problems and situations that you can't really doanything about? Then you are probably suffering from anxiety disorder. A good plan of action is toestablish some tactics you can use at the first sign of an anxiety attack. You can learn these yourselfor have someone who is an expert in the field of anxiety help you. Whatever you do, don't disregardthe issue. It will turn into a much more serious problem


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