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  • 8/3/2019 Ways to Become Highly Effective


    Forget The 7 Habits Here Are 30 Ways To

    Become Highly Effective

    By Ryhen Satch


    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

    - Albert Einstein

    This article contains more than four thousand words so I decided to make this introduction as short as I can. I

    know your time is valuable, so instead of recommending The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen

    Covey, which is, by the way, a good book, I just thought of creating this article for you. The average person can

    get to the end of this post in ten to fifteen minutes. Reasonably, thats a short amount of time compared to

    reading a book for a whole day or, perhaps, a whole week.

    I divided my thirty principles into three segments. None of these were taken from the book I mentioned. The

    first segment involves concepts that help you develop integral aspects of your self. The second segment provides

    ways to deal with the people around you. The third and last segment contains methods to keep you in control of

    external factors in your life.

    Dont worry about it. As soon as you step outside that door, youll start feeling better. Youll remember you

    dont believe in any of this fate crap. Youre in control of your own life. Remember.- The Oracle, from the

    Matrix Trilogy

    YOURSELF1. By Having a Thirst for Knowledge

  • 8/3/2019 Ways to Become Highly Effective


    Daddy what are those things? was my six-year old daughters question upon seeing the bones unearthed by

    archeologists inside an underground burial chamber in Rome. I was watching a feature story on National

    Geographic about ancient catacombs when my daughter sat beside me to enjoy the drama. Not surprisingly, as

    soon as I answered her initial question, my little drill sergeant went on to bombard me with more challenging


    It is quite amazing to observe how we, even from an early age, exhibit a predisposition to learn more about life

    through the basic process of inquiry. Apparently, effectiveness is first acquired by having a thirst for knowledge.

    The more you learn about things, the better you become in facing the world in which you were born. Ask

    yourself these questions: Do you think this article can make you a better person? Do you think the information

    you will get in this article can be acquired elsewhere in the same manner presented here? Do you think you will

    learn something new from this post?

    2. By Keeping an Open Mind

    You interpret the world in your own unique way. All of us have what we call reality tunnels. New ideas take

    the form of information which passes through your reality tunnel. These are filtered by five basic elements:

    values, beliefs, memories, decisions, and meta-programs. If a new idea cannot permeate these filters, you are

    inclined to reject it and tag it as false information. Keep your reality tunnel in check from time to time by

    becoming aware of your own values, beliefs, memories, decisions, and meta-programs. An open mind provides

    the opportunity for meaningful ideas to come in.

    3. By Getting Close to Nature

    What is the meaning of life? Im quite certain you have come across this question dozens of times before. I

    cant give you the answer because you must find it on your own. However, Im absolutely sure your HD

    television set, your laptop, your house, or your car will not even give you a small hint about the truth. The truth

    is out there in nature.

    Every living organism found in nature holds a force within it that allows itself to transmute into something else.

    Obviously, this quality is not found in inorganic matter. Invigorate your spirit by observing life around you. You

    have the same force within you that also wants to turn you into something else. In this case, it wants to turn you

  • 8/3/2019 Ways to Become Highly Effective


    into a highly effective person.

    4. By Perfecting Your Own Character

    In modern personality theories, an individual is said to possess several different archetypes. An archetype is a

    model of personality or behavior that you copy to build up your overall character. Doctors, lawyers, policemen,

    musicians, and architects are just a few examples. Im not really sure if beerhead, MILF, hottie, and douche bag

    all qualify as archetypes, but I guess you can add those in too.

    Take a moment to identify how many archetypes you possess. On my end, I came up with the following: father,

    husband, son, brother, writer, frustrated musician, an upcoming yogi, a potential hermit, etc. Once you have

    your own list, then you can ask yourself this question, What have I done lately to become the best example of

    these characters?

    5. By Staying Optimistic

    There are times when you find yourself in very bad situations where it is almost certain for you to run out of

    options. A few months ago, one of my friends introduced me to an astounding principle. She said, Dude, there

    are two kinds of problems in this world; ones you can solve and ones that make you powerless. If youve done

    everything to find a solution and you fail, just shut up. She was right. Not only did it stop me from worrying, it

    also prevented me from nurturing negative thoughts inside my head.

    In occult teachings, it is said that thoughts vibrate and attract events in the same vibration state. By always

    thinking positive and avoiding negative thoughts, youre doing more than just changing yourself. Youre

    changing your whole life. For more information about thought vibrations, check out the New Thought


    6. By Keeping Yourself Inspired

    As soon as you unite yourself with any idea, desire, or intention, there is no force that can stop you other than

    the limits that you set upon yourself. No wonder why Thomas Edison said you only need one percent

    inspiration. Its enough to balance the equation, and the equation ultimately states that you are capable of

    almost anything you can imagine. You can get your inspiration from many sources, may it be an object, a

  • 8/3/2019 Ways to Become Highly Effective


    person, or a goal. Use your emotions to identify your most powerful source of inspiration. The one that gives

    you the strongest positive feeling is your best bet.

    7. By Using The Visualization Technique

    The visualization method simply works by creating images in your mind of the things you desire most. Forming

    clear and specific mental pictures activates the creative potential inherent in each and every human being.

    When the creative process is triggered by visualization, your thought will pass three stages: intention, action,

    and manifestation. I was thinking about using the wheel, the printing press, and the telephone as examples, but

    many will find these too old fashioned. So, I guess you will be more comfortable imagining network systems,

    the internet, search engines, Youtube, and social networks as modern age products of people who applied the

    visualization technique. Apply the other twenty-nine principles in this article with visualization, and Im

    positive youll get what youre wishing for sooner or later.

    8. By Keeping Your Mind Still

    Some ancient scriptures in eastern spiritual traditions emphasize that with steadfast concentration and

    meditation, you can even achieve superhuman powers. Of course, you dont believe that. You dont believe in

    the Christ figure, Gautama Buddha, or Mahatma Gandhi either. I think now is a perfect time for your reality

    tunnel maintenance check.

    There are many forces surrounding you that you dont have the ability to explain. Lets say, for example, you are

    demonstrating how a holographic projector works to one of the oldest aboriginal tribes in Australia. As soon as

    you turn the instrument on, those people will probably collapse in astonishment. The same thing will happen to

    you once you encounter things that you are unable to explain (do I hear someone shouting UFOs?). For

    hundreds of centuries, meditation has been practiced by countless people so they could have a deeper sense of

    reality. If you want to find out how, youve just activated the first principle I described earlier. Quench your

    thirst for knowledge by knowing more about meditation.

    9. By Pushing Yourself To Your Limits

    Have you ever asked yourself why people keep on trying to outdo their own feats on the Guinness World

    Records? Why does an athlete aspire to be record holders in his or her sport? People aspire for a sense of

  • 8/3/2019 Ways to Become Highly Effective


    achievement. You have that feeling deep inside you as well, but you can only attain phenomenal success by

    trying to push yourself a little harder every single day. They say that it only takes a month for any given activity

    to become a habit. If you work for five days in a week and four weeks in a month, try accomplishing five percent

    more work cumulatively for each day. At the end of the month, you will have doubled your ability to perform.

    10. By Destroying (-) Habits and Creating (+) Qualities

    It is such a pain to remove habits from our system. The reason is that we have acquired our habits in an

    unconscious way. Removing them consciously is like trying to drink beer while you are sleeping. However, you

    shouldnt lose hope because theres a solution to this predicament. Most likely, you have a person whom you

    admire most. That person may be a renowned celebrity, historical figure, scientist, leader, and so on. List down

    all the good qualities you see in that person and pretend having as many of those qualities every day for two

    months. Pretending is giving the appearance of possessing the qualities on your list. Doing this will force your

    mind to accept the qualities as habits. Its like programming your own bio-computer. If you keep on applying

    this principle, your negative habits will be replaced, eventually, by new and positive ones.

    11. By Challenging The Superego

    The problem with most people is that they lack the will to engage in activities that enable them to increase

    productivity and strengthen their characters. The greatest enemy of your will is the superego one of the three

    divisions of the human psyche. It tells you what is right and wrong or what should be rewarded and punished. It

    contains your values, beliefs, and all the rules that your parents and the society programmed inside your head

    while you were growing up.

    You start to experience freedom and will power by challenging the superego first. When you start to feel

    something pulling you from something that you want to do, your superego is at work. You can either ignore it or

    subject to its command. If you choose to ignore it, just make sure you remember this rule: Do not impose your

    will upon others. You can do whatever you want as long as you dont step on other peoples rights.

    12. By Using the SWOT Analysis

    Most people who give their advice on personal development will tell you to write down your strengths and

    weaknesses and then leave you floating in mid-air. Whats the use of knowing your strengths and weaknesses if

  • 8/3/2019 Ways to Become Highly Effective


    you dont know what to do with them? SWOT analysis is not only a method of identifying your strengths and

    weaknesses; it is a method of approaching different elements in your life with a strategic approach. SWOT

    stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is aimed at answering four basic questions:

    How can you use and capitalize on your strengths? How can you eliminate your weaknesses? How can you take

    advantage of your opportunities? And how can you remove threats?

    Personal introspection once lacked structure and strategy. In this modern era, it is not enough that you just lie

    down in bed every night and reflect on your day-to-day activities. It already involves some kind of work. You

    have two choices in this world; one is to remain competitive and the other is to be in unity with everything and

    everyone. If you choose the former, this method will serve you best. If you choose the latter, stay tuned for my

    future articles.

    YOURSELF WITH OTHERS13. By Recognizing Patterns in Human Behavior

    Human behavior is sometimes predictable and deterministic. We often recognize patterns of behavior and

    respond accordingly. When you are talking to someone and you see the persons eyebrows come close to each

    other, you may assume the person is disagreeing to your statements. You will then realize theres something

    wrong with what youre saying. Indeed, human behavior is complex and dynamic and involves a lot more than

    just mere gestures. However, because it is a process, it doesnt mean it cannot be studied and analyzed. Your

    knowledge of other peoples behavior can give you an advantage. Just remember what I said earlier, Do not

    impose your will upon others.

    There are several reasons why it is useful to understand human behavior: it can improve your relationship with

    your associates, you can persuade people to agree with your ideas effortlessly, you can easily spot liars and

    honest men, and so on. Two of the various academic disciplines concerned with the study of human behavior

    are sociology and behaviorism. If you dont have time to do research on these subjects, you can subscribe to this

  • 8/3/2019 Ways to Become Highly Effective


    blog so I can do the work for you.

    14. By Communicating Effectively

    Written and spoken words are powerful tools you can use to transform an idea into its physical counterpart.

    Communication, in my own terms, involves three levels: psycho-spiritual, interpersonal, and social. On the

    psycho-spiritual level, you communicate with your inner self through the use of mantras, prayers, chants,

    spells, autosuggestion and so on. On the interpersonal level, exchanges of ideas become apparent through the

    proper use of language in speech and writing. Persuasion plays a major part on this level. On the social level,

    mass communication takes the form of advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relations, and many

    others. Propaganda is commonly utilized to influence the behavior of a large number of people. I write about all

    three. So, again, its a good reason for you and I to make a connection.

    15. By Associating With Positive People

    A quote from Hitopadesha states, The mind is lowered through association with inferiors. With equals it

    attains equality; and with superiors, superiority. You can choose to be in the presence of one of the three

    types of people mentioned in the statement. However, if you want to be highly effective, its quite obvious you

    should prefer the last one. Associating with positive and smarter people not only gives you the chance to learn.

    It also provides you the opportunity to acquire the same qualities and habits these people possess.

    16. By Sticking To Your Principles

    Your principles are the set of governing rules that guide you in your everyday life. People have gone through

    many troubles defending their own principles. And to a greater extent, we see how opposing ideals struggle for

    domination by means of war. Nations dont mind fighting at great lengths trying to d...