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  • 1. MyMyMyMy RealRealRealReal IncomeIncomeIncomeIncome ReviewReviewReviewReviewDoesDoesDoesDoes MyMyMyMy RealRealRealReal IncomeIncomeIncomeIncome ScamScamScamScam People?People?People?People?TheTheTheThe BreakdownBreakdownBreakdownBreakdown ---- CompanyCompanyCompanyCompany HighlightsHighlightsHighlightsHighlightsMyMyMyMy RealRealRealReal IncomeIncomeIncomeIncome is described by the companys official website as simply beinga real money-making system and promotes the system as an alternative toholding down a full-time job, rather than being supplemental to a primary job.Based on the details provided by the website, it appears to be an affiliatemarketing systemthough this is never statedwhich is taught to purchasers viaa video series. The series and various bonuses are accessible through themembers area of the website.The system teaches users how to work in marketing by creating various kinds oftext ads and then submitting them to the companies they were written for. Thesales letter explains that the My Real Income video series walks its usersstep-by-step through the process of finding and registering with companieswithin various niches, the methods for creating the advertisements for thesecompanies, and what steps must be taken to submit them. The website claimsthat users will receive earnings for each transaction generated by theiradvertisement; however, the website does not specify an expected dollar range forpayments or give details on how payments will be determined and received.MyMyMyMy RealRealRealReal IncomeIncomeIncomeIncome Pricing,Pricing,Pricing,Pricing, Fees,Fees,Fees,Fees, BonusesBonusesBonusesBonuses AndAndAndAndGuaranteesGuaranteesGuaranteesGuarantees

2. The price for access to the system is currently listed at $19.95. The companystates that this is a one-time fee and that the price is usually set at $99.95.According to the official website, signing up with companies to writeadvertisements for them is free.After purchasing the My Real Income system, users are given unrestrictedaccess to the exclusive members area. This reportedly includes the videotutorials which guide the users through the process of registering with companies,creating the advertisements, and submitting them.My Real Income offers several bonuses, including Bum Marketing Secrets (how tomarket while sitting on your bum), Make Money on eBay, and a Cash PullingWebsite professionally built and given to each purchaser. It is unclear what thefirst two bonuses are exactly, though they may be videos or possibly ebooks. Thewebsite also lists a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, but does not specify theduration for how long they will honor this.AboutAboutAboutAbout TheTheTheThe FoundersFoundersFoundersFoundersLittle is given on the history of Robert Nielson. Prior to developing the My RealIncome system, Mr. Nielson attempted to gain financial stability from a varietyof programs and systems available for sale online. At an unspecified point, hedecided to create his own system, and it is assumed that the product of theseefforts is My Real Income, though the website never states this directly.NEW!NEW!NEW!NEW! If youre looking for an ethical way to make money online, complete withmultiple streams of income and personal mentorship, then I STRONGLYrecommend you clickclickclickclick herehereherehere totototo seeseeseesee ourourourour #1#1#1#1 recommendedrecommendedrecommendedrecommended business!business!business!business! 3. QuickQuickQuickQuick SummarySummarySummarySummaryMy Real Income is a video tutorial system developed by Robert Nielson.It is designed to teach its purchasers how to enter affiliate marketing as writers ofadvertisements; the video series walks users through the steps of registering withcompanies, creating text based advertisements, and how to submit theiradvertisements to the companies.The current list price for My Real Income is $19.95 and is noted to be a one-timefee. This grants purchasers access to the members area where the videos arelocated, as well as providing them with several bonuses. Purchase of the system isbacked by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, but the duration of this guarantee isunclear.Have you created advertisements based on the teachings of My Real Income? If so,please take a few moments to share your insights.