Waverly Middle School.  What to do and how to do it?  Who do we do it to?  How do we know if we’re doing it right?  What challenges must be overcome?

Download Waverly Middle School.  What to do and how to do it?  Who do we do it to?  How do we know if we’re doing it right?  What challenges must be overcome?

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Multi-tiered Universal SupportUsing Data to Increase Student AchievementWaverly Middle School

Big QuestionsWhat to do and how to do it?Who do we do it to?How do we know if were doing it right?What challenges must be overcome? 2

Big QuestionsWhat to do and how to do it?Reading Math BehaviorScienceSocial StudiesCore instructionPull Out Intervention

3What to do? Academic Achievement Period A2Additional time in literacy or mathBased on needEnrichment opportunityAll students and staff No scheduling conflictsElective replacement options available if neededWhat to do?ComprehensionFluencyEnrichmentGrade LevelBelow Grade LevelReading InterventionPALS Reading(23:1)REWARDS Plus(14:1)REWARDS(10:1)6 Minute Solution(4:1) with Math InterventionRead 180 (15:1)Milestones(7:1)Research BasedAdditional support in addition to coreAll hands on deckResourcesMaterialsExpertise TrainingMeet student needs

5What to do?ApplicationComputationEnrichmentGrade LevelBelow Grade LevelMath InterventionHolt AYR(24:1) ALEKS Math(16:1)Khan Academy(8:1)Rocket MathALEKS EnrichmentALEKS Elective(4:1)What to do?BehaviorAcademicSocialSchool-wideClassroomIndividualCHAMPSPBISPRIDETLT-Student EngagementCheck In Check OutFoundationsRTCRestorative JusticeWho Needs What?MathAimswebMath ComputationMath Concepts and ApplicationsLiteracyAimswebR-CBM FluencyMAZE ComprehensionEasyCBMComprehensionMEAP-LikeSRIRead 180Teacher ReviewCourse GradesMEAP ScoresIlluminateEdWho Needs What?BehaviorSWISOffice referralsDetentionsRTC referralsAttendanceGradesTeacher inputAdministrative input

Student Needs Profile

ReadingMathReadingMathHow do we know were on the right track?

Monitor Progress regularly and frequently.ReadingAimsweb R-CBM weekly in all reading interventionsAnalyze both proficiency and rate of growthFall/Winter /Spring Universal screeningMathAimsweb assessments monthly in math interventions Pre/post testing by topic in AYRFall/Winter /Spring Universal screeningALEKS automatic assessments BehaviorSWIS Reports

MEAP PreparationGap analysis using MDE reports and Golden PackageDaily review of high value topics for all students in their core classesTargeted intervention in math A2 Study Island Targeted Incentive Program

Results State Top to Bottom ListChallenges and GoalsContinue to institutionalize and expand successful intervention and MEAP preparation strategiesResearch based, affordable, and effective interventions and screenersTools for effective formative assessmentLong term sustainability

5.7% Math3.1%Reading7% Science85% Proficient in Ten Years Growth TargetsMulti-tiered Universal SupportUsing Data to Effectively Use Additional TimeWaverly Middle School