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PowerPoint giving overview of the Waukesha Information Technology Plan


  • 1. Fall 2008 Waukesha Information Technology Plan
  • 2. Information Technology Vision
    • Information Technology Vision
    • We believe that effective integration of information and technology:
    • motivates students and provides them with important life skills that will prepare them for the 21st Century
    • promotes equity for all students
    • addresses the needs of disabled students
    • helps educators individualize instruction
    • helps raise student achievement
    • empowers data driven decision-making
  • 3. Plan Organization
    • The Plan is organized into four major areas
    • (required by DPI):
      • Educator Proficiency
      • Effective Teaching & Learning Practices
      • Access to Information & Technology Tools
      • Support Systems & Leadership
  • 4. Action Plans
    • Action plans are aligned to district initiatives (shown as the top bullet on each of the following slides)
    • These action plans were developed to meet the District Mission: We, the School District of Waukesha, believe in a rigorous and relevant district curriculum that challenges each and every student to learn and improve every day. We believe that if we continue to improve our district composite ACT score to reach our goal of 25, we will have established a culture of high expectations and achievement for all students.
  • 5. Educator Proficiency Actions
    • Evaluating Effectiveness of Instruction
      • Establish professional learning communities
      • Investigate and develop a district portal for sharing resources and showcasing examples of excellence in the district
  • 6. Effective Teaching & Learning Practices
    • Planning Improvements in the Curriculum
      • Curriculum map the Waukesha ITL benchmarks to the middle and high school curriculums
      • Develop curricular units that integrate Waukesha ITL benchmarks
      • Collect data on teacher proficiency on Waukesha Teacher Technology Standards
      • Provide professional development based on district needs
      • Implement common assessments for Waukesha ITL benchmarks
  • 7. Effective Teaching & Learning Practices
    • Planning Improvements in the Curriculum
      • Use technology to support Implementation of writers workshop in all K-6 classrooms
      • Implement readers workshop in all K-6 classrooms
      • Integrate Waukesha Benchmarks in the P-K essential curriculum and common assessments
  • 8. Effective Teaching & Learning Practices
    • Planning Improvements in the Curriculum
      • Create building information technology teams at each elementary school
      • Create a district information technology committee
      • Disseminate information through secondary coordinators and assistant principals at the secondary level
      • Send information about conferences and training opportunities through coordinators and district information technology committee members to encourage lead teachers to attend
  • 9. Effective Teaching & Learning Practices
    • Identify Students Requiring Additional Assistance with Specific Areas of Academic Achievement
      • Use data systems for monitoring student progress
      • Contact districts with high ACT scores to find out more about their library media programs
  • 10. Access to Information & Technology Resources
    • Lease laptop carts for classroom use
    • Purchase new administrative and financial system
    • Provide a system for staff to create podcasts to share information and enhance learning
    • Upgrade the phone system (investigate voice over IP)
    • Investigate adding wireless infrastructure throughout the district
  • 11. Support Systems & Leadership
    • Share information on how information and technology can help student achievement
    • Integrate information and technology into district initiatives
    • Review progress on the plan and to make necessary changes
    • Create building technology committees and new avenues to share resources and information
    • Communicate the integration of the Waukesha Information Technology Benchmarks to all teachers and building principals
    • Collect data on the progress on the plan and report this to stakeholders at annual review of the plan
  • 12. Planning Process
    • Committee met for two days over the summer to review TAGLIT data, relevant educational research, and draft out initial action plans (July)
    • Worked with District Leaders to align the plan to new District Initiatives (September)
    • Plan will go to the Advisory Committee, Planning Committee and be presented at Principal Meetings (November)
    • Incorporate feedback on the Plan (December)
    • Plan goes to the School Board (January)
  • 13. Contact Information
    • Wendy Liska
    • [email_address]
    • 262.970.1181
    • Jeff Copson
    • [email_address]
    • 262.970.3120
    • Tammy Stephens
    • [email_address]
    • (800) 408.4935


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