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Watermelon Baby Carriage

4 easy steps to create a delicious baby shower dish!Watermelon Baby Carriage

Draw an outline on the watermelon to show where you will cut the carriage opening.

Cut out along the outline, cut out the inside fruit and line with foil.Step 1 Prepare the Melon

Using your desired fruits, chop into small pieces and mix in a bowl. Use some the the watermelon too.Step 2 Mix & Chop Fruits

Using a peach or fruit of choice, cut 2 holes for eyes and mouth.

Cut a green grape in half and use 1 half for each eye. Add all fruits into watermelon and place head at top.Step 3 Create Baby Face

Using lemon or grapefruit cut wheels and attach to melon using toothpicks.

Using a small piece of the melon for a hub cap holding wheel in place.Step 4 - Wheels

Thats it!! Youve now created a healthy baby shower fruit bowl for your guests to enjoy.

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