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Blue I Water Technologies brings precision to water quality analysis to ensure water safety and security - in residential, municipal and industrial markets. Learn more about our market goals and solutions for water-based processes and systems.


  • 1. Blue I Water Technologies

2. About Blue I Global Provider of Smart Water Quality Analyzers and Controllers Blue I: Analyze, control water quality parameters and activate dosing pumps, valves, etcAll products are connected to: Municipal SCADA systems HydroGuardOL Blue Is Cloud services AppControl Blue I mobile applicationsMarkets: Municipal: Potable water; Building water tanks & reservoirs Remote areas potable water Waste water effluent (tertiary) Industrial: Food and beverage Cooling towers Oil and gas industries Off-shore environmentsSwimming pools: Multi-parameter & simultaneous measurement: Free and/or total chlorine, turbidity, pH, redox, conductivity and temperature.Commercial Residential & SpasInformation about Blue Is products, partners, and customers: http://www.blueitechnologies.com 3. Worldwide Proven Success Worldwide Proven Success Ready to Expand Our Global Accounts Ready To Expand Our Global Accounts Global; France; Germany; Switzerland; Belgium; Denmark; Spain; Portugal; Greece; USA; Canada; Australia; South Africa ; Israel; Chile Peru Bolivia Colombia; Brazil; India; China China Beijing water group, Tianjin Water group, Shenzhen water, Hong Kong water authority, Veolia, Dongguan Water Authority Bureau, Guangzhou water, Beijing Olympic swimming pools; Lonza China; and many moreIndustrialFood & BeverageMunicipal & Potable WaterCooling TowersSwimming Pools & SpaDialysis Equipment 4. From water sources to the tapHydroGuardOL Cloud servicesBlue I AppControl 5. Simultaneous multi-parameter measurement: Free and/or total chlorine, turbidity, pH, redox, conductivity, temperature, flow Free and/or total chlorine 0.01 to 10 ppmTurbidity 0.001 to 200 NTUConfigurable measurement intervalAutomatic bubble removal and self-cleaningHigh accuracy and high resolution per measurement rangeHigh precision, consistent readingsThe most effective solution for chlorine measurement: back0 chlorine Harsh conditions Salty water Waste water effluent (tertiary)NEW: HG 702TurbiPlus, online chorine and turbidity measurement on the same water sample 6. Hi - TECH Water Monitoring 3 in 1: 3 superbly accurate measurements in 1 photometric cell Free Chlorine; Total Chlorine; NEW Turbidity meter 0.001 - 200NTUOptical cellCL sensorTurbid sensorBlue-Is Patented Piston Self cleaner Automatic bubble remover Reagent mixer 7. PRIZMA A simple solution for residence water quality sampling PRIZMA has automated the test strip technology, improved resolution, accuracy and repeatability. Probe-less sampling and monitoring water quality station Real time over the web alert on water quality issues Reflecting trends while able to give accurate values (alert station) Reduce cost of manual water sampling The test strip dispenser enables low and simple maintenance PRIZMA VIDEO 8. Off Grid Monitoring Municipal water distribution network ATHENEAGSM, GPRSAlarm Monitoring on Google MapsReal Time, Alarms History 9. Blue I Goals - Global 2014 Goals Geographical Focus Cooperate with Global Players with focus on China Strong R&D ongoing effortsObjectives Geography: China, USA, S. America & India Strategic markets reach through global playersGlobal Players: Agreement with global players R&D: Launch and/or improve TurbiPlus PRIZMA for potable water LEA Mobile Apps 10. Blue I Goals in China Q1 2014: Engaging our current excellent partner with a new strong business partner based on its connections to gain leverage in the market.Increase distribution network in order to achieve: Higher market share of the existing HydroGuard HG-602/702 Separate distribution lines between the 202/302 (public pools) and 602/702 lines (municipal & industrial) Introduce intensively the PRIZMA to the secondary water supply system Promote, through appropriate partners, the LEA (Low Energy Analyzer) to the municipal network system 11. PRODUCTSThank You


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