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At the conclusion of the 2011 Egypt WaterHackathon, software developers and water specialists presented their innovative ICT-based solutions to real-world problems of water access and sanitation. This presentation highlights one of these solutions.


  • 1. Monitoring Water Foot print Statistical Analysis report

2. Interfacing with digital meters to capturethe water usage. Alert through e-mail. Alert through SMS. Alert through Line displays 3. FromTo 4. Freshwatervolume used in the production. Footprint components Blue (surface water and ground water) Green (rainwater stored in the soil as soil moisture) Grey (polluted water that associates with the services)e.g.(branchoctober [ (74% green, 11% blue, 15% grey]).(branchobour [ (35% green, 25% blue, 40% grey]).etc. 5. Average, Standard deviation Geographical report Estimation 6. Week1 Week2Week3 .. .... Week N12150 12160 Average145 120 ..SDTracking the company usage from week to week. 7. Benchmarkingthe different branchesoverover matchBranch Branch Branch 412Change over Green overBranchBranchSanitation 3 4Shift changingBreak down 8. Predicate events from history of data. Predicate(what if ?) by simulation for modified parameter(s). New branch Increase number of workers. New device. 9. Thanks


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