water, border patrol and teeter toters

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1. Water, border patrol and teeter-totters
The personal brand plan for Katy James
2. Personal Brand Statement
My balance of a straightforward approachwith my awareness of global cultures will work to connect people with organizations and initiatives that together can effect change.
The Big Dipper, upside-down
3. My Balancing Act
I strive to be a more grateful person, I value that quality in others.I value positive thinking, my family, hard work, and trail blazers.People who opt to take the hard road, those who choose not to follow but instead make their own way and leave a path. I value the political process and the growth communities encounter within a meaningful government.
I love to travel and humble myself in new cultures.I love learning new things and then sharing them with others. I love surprises!I love following current events and keeping tuned in to the important issues of our time.I love the power of water.I challenge borders;good fences do not necessarily make good neighbours.
I fear falling.High places are scary places!I fear for the future.
4. My Personal SWOT
5. Key Messages
Trail blazer
Positive thinking
6. Rationale
My rationale for developing a personal brand involves developing a clearer sense of who I am, what my goals are and what of my attributes do I want to advertise.With a better understanding I will be better prepared to apply my skills accordingly.Acquiring meaningful employment is my bottom line.
7. Understanding My Strategy
8. Water
Water is one thing that connects us all.We all need it, we all use it and we all came from it.No matter how different we may feel about someone or something, water reminds me that there is one thing we can all connect on.
9. Border patrol
Border patrol officers encounter hundreds of people every day.Of those hundreds, few will be recognized formuch of anything except potential threats.In my personal brand I want to recognize peopleinthe flood of all the others.
Borders are the gates and sometimes the barriers to other worlds and other lessons.Barriers are like the mid-terms of life; testing you on how youve kept up on the lessons thus far.
10. Teeter-totters
11. Objectives
To meaningfully engage my personal brand everyday.
To remain up-to-date on online media trends.
To apply my skills of writing and networking to connect organizations with an effective audience.
To network myself on many national and international platforms.
To find the balance in each day.
To achieve at least 85% on the barrier mid-terms of life.
To locate something in common with people I appear to have nothing in common with.
Follow international trends in to do with PR.
12. Critical Path
13. Tactics/How-to be totally awesome!
14. Channel Surfing


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